Is this a Tiffany cat?

by Cristian A

Cleo walking...

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Cleo walking...

This kitten was found by me two mounts ago near the house. It is possible that the cat was lost. I want to know if it is a Tiffany/Chantilly.

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Is this a Tiffany cat?

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Feb 14, 2011 Tiffanies & York Chocolates
by: Mark Thompson of Weirton, WV

The Chantilly Tiffany & The York Chocolate breeds are very close in appearance and even make the distinctive "purt " and "chirp" sounds. Our York Chocolate is pictured on line under "Sammi De Cat".

We are quite active with strays and we build heated insulated feral boxes with heated water bowls on our rear deck. Often times, we get pure bred kitties along with the others. That's how little Sammi came into our lives.

There is also the Tiffany which has a longer coat as the Chantilly & York have simi-long coats. The York lacks an undercoat so it doesn't matt.

The York Chocolate is an American breed but is VERY popular in Europe. A famous geneticist by the name of Dr. Baldi of the university of rome has done an entire genetic code on this breed on this cat that he & his wife decided to promote the breed from their intellect and temperment.
Here is the International York Chocolate Federation web page. Click on the English flag for English speaking countries.

Here is Dr. Baldi's research on the York Chocolate's genetics. XXXX - sorry this link is broken at Jan 2014.
XXXX - sorry this link is broken at Oct 2012.

All of God's creatures are special!!!!

Jun 12, 2010 Tiffanies
by: Steve

I've got a Tiffany called Chunk. He was given to me by a friend who breeds to show, so he's had to have his pockets emptied (if you follow me). He was hiding under the bed when brains were handed out, but was at the head of the affection queue and even at two years old still loves to be babied. Not sure if yours is a Tiff as I'm not an expert on the breed points, but what does it matter if you love each other?

Jun 04, 2010 tiffany's rock
by: scotty

i used to have a tiffany cat , unbeknown to me until recently

she was a great little cat , got her as a kitten and had her for the best part of 16 years

my bro had her sister who was also a tiffany and the difference in their 2 personalities was unreal . they were like chalk and cheese

my little felix was bold , aggressive , hugely territorial and utterly fearless where her sister was so timid , shy and spent all day hiding under the bed

under her hard exterior though was a loyal , loving little beauty that would run up to meet me coming in the door every day from work , and just loved cuddling up chirping and purring every time i clapped her

she really was a 1 off and my house has never been the same since she went to the man upstairs

im welling up here just thinking about her and she's been gone 2 years

Jun 04, 2009 Yes, Looks Like a Tiffany. I Have one, too
by: Anonymous

My cat is a chocolate Tiffany, too. Her brown didn't start coming out until she was about three or four. She has the classic face and eyes, ear streamers, paw tufts (tufts everywhere, plumed tail, she chirps a lot, and is the friendliest, most affectionate cat I've ever had.

I found her one night beginning to starve. I couldn't find her owner, so I adopted her. A couple others just like her turned up at the Humane Society back in 2000 or so. They'd been turned in by a lady on the same street where I found her. She said she couldn't feed or take care of them anymore.

She is spayed. She is not registered that I know of.

She minds me, almost like a dog, in that she comes when I call and responds to me very well.
She requires lots and lots and lots of holding and cuddling, and must sleep in my arm all the time. SHe came to me with a terrible autoimmune disease that rotted out her teeth. She had to have them all removed, with root canals, in order to live. When the teeth were gone, her body quit attacking itself. However, she wheezes sometimes. Whever she gets rabies shots or other innoculations, she gets sick. I wonder if this is because of the breeding problems.

All I know is that I am spoiled for ALL Time. I will always have to have a Tiffany cat. I love my little chocolate daughter.

Dec 15, 2008 Beautiful Brown Cat
by: Candy

Your cat is very beautiful -- she/he certainly looks like the cats that were used as the foundation for the Tiffany/Chantilly breed and for the York Chocolate breed. Unfortunately, both these breeds are now virtually extinct. It is my understanding that these self-brown semi-longhair cats appear from time to time in the New York area. I keep scanning the on-line shelter listings hoping to find such a cat for myself one day!

The foundation breeder for the York Chocolates told me recently in a phone conversation that no one is breeding the Yorks any longer. There are still efforts to preserve the Chantilly/Tiffany on-going. A limited gene pool has forced them to use other breeds to try to preserve this cat. It is my understanding from previous conversations with these breeders that they are using/have use Somalis, Nebelungs and Havannah Browns to revitalize their breed.


Jun 07, 2008 Maybe
by: Anonymous

This cat looks like a Tiffany. She/he seems to have the right fur length and color and eye color.

But for this cat to be a Tiffany she/he will have to be registered as a purebred cat and have a pedigree with one of the cat associations.

Without registration she/he may be a Tiffany but no one will know if she is. It is more likely that she/he is a mixed breed cat that has all the attributes (qualities) to be a Tiffany but is not.

Of course if you can trace the person who kept this cat may be she/he can tell you.

Thanks a lot for asking and making the submission. Someone else may answer your question better than me.

POC Admin

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