Is this cat faking an injury to get sympathy?

It looks as though this cat is pretended to be in pain outside the home because she is hopping on three legs as she protects her left foreleg but reverts to walking on all four once inside the home. And the transition takes place at the door. Fishy! But we are applying a human interpretation to cat behavior.

This black-and-white cat gives the impression that she is acting as if she’s in pain. Outside the home she is hopping on three legs as she protects her left foreleg. But inside the home she walks on all four legs in the normal way. But if you look at the video carefully you can see that her left foreleg is in fact injured. There is a break about 6 inches above her paw. I believe that this is at her wrist. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a break there and that it is very painful.

This cat deserves an Oscar someone said
This cat deserves an Oscar someone said. Screenshot.
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Why she suddenly starts to use her left foreleg, as if it does not cause pain, once she is inside the home is a mystery. I’m going to speculate and say that the leg causes her lots of pain but while she lifted it off the ground and hopped on three legs the pain subsided and by coincidence she decided to walk on the leg at the point when she entered the home. That moment of transition may have occurred at the door because she stops there normally anyway to look inside for her human companion.

No doubt, off camera, she started hopping again. This is the kind of injury a cat incurs when they jump from a height and perhaps make contact with an irregular surface. This cat needs to see a veterinarian quickly.

The person who uploaded the video said that the cat deserved an Oscar. They are implying that the cat was acting and pretending that she was injured for some ulterior motive. It’s an amusing concept but it doesn’t work that way for the domestic cat. They have a very high pain threshold. If this leg is broken then the pain must be enormous and she accepted when she entered the home.

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