Is this cat retaliating by pushing cohabiting cat into swimming pool?

Feline retaliation?!
Feline retaliation?!
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This is very much a tongue in cheek feline story as far as I am concerned but others will have a different opinion. In the first video below, with the tiny screen size, we see a predominantly black cat, Boo, pushing another cat (a tortie-and-white), Peach, into a swimming pool.

This has been called an act of feline retaliation. A deliberate vigilante act to get justice and revenge! It was provoked we are told by a bite on the hind leg by Peach which you can see in the second video.

It is actually a nibble. The more interesting thing is the sound of the woman’s voice providing the commentary πŸ˜‰

I am not sure that this is a well rehearsed act of vengeance or that the acts are connected. That’s all. There is some friction between these two. They don’t seem to be getting along all that well so little tiffs flair up at any time but they aren’t directly connected. They are independent interactions born out of the low level friction.


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