Is this cat wearing eye makeup to make her eyes look more feline?

This is a strange picture of a cat. Her eyes have what appears to be makeup on the outside edges so they look like somewhat like the eyes of the famous and grossly sad Cat Woman, Jocelyn Wildenstein. In other words this cat’s eyes have been made to look more feline.

Has someone applied makeup to this cat's eyes?
Has someone applied makeup to this cat’s eyes? Photo in public domain on Twitter.
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Either that or the fur pattern has unusually placed a blob of dark fur at the exact point at the edge of the eyes where they give the impression that the eyes are elongated and rise upwards.

Feline eye makeup on woman.
Feline eye makeup on woman. Photo: copyright free.

In my view it has to be the former. The colouration was probably added to allow the owner to capture an interesting picture which she or he could upload to social media. The picture comes from Twitter.

If that is correct it is an example of how social media sites encourage people to do some weird things to try and stand out in what is a very crowded and large marketplace of billions of images. It reminds me of the tattooed hairless cats in Russia.

I’d would argue that the modern cult of celebrity is sometimes projected onto our domestic cats. This desperate desire for celebrity has to find an outlet. If the person can’t find it their cat might. There are examples of celebrity cats who have vicariously provided celebrity status to their ‘owners’. The most famous is Grumpy Cat owned by Tabatha Bundesen.

There is a cross fertilisation sometimes. Taylor Swift made her Scottish Fold, Olivia Benson, famous. In turn Olivia has enhanced Taylor Swift’s celebrity status. Her cat has earned the astonishing amount of $97 million in ads for Coke and Keds Shoes and other promotions I am told by

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