Is this Jackson Galaxy picture of a cat OK?

I don’t get it. I know Jackson Galaxy runs a business and he has to generate some hype and pizzazz with his personal image and his website etc. but, for me, this image goes too far. It is damaging to the domestic cat. A lot of people are gullible. They take in these images and start believing that cats are dangerous and aggressive or worse – evil. Although I’d like to say that Jackson is undoubtedly good and good for the cat in general. I just think this publicity is overdone and can hurt the public profile of the domestic cat.

There is already enough historical baggage which damages the public profile of the cat to add to it unnecessarily. I don’t wish to criticise Jackson Galaxy because he is a good cat behaviorist and he respects the cat but I think he should direct his publicist to trim back on the pizzazz at the expense of the domestic cat:

Jackson Galaxy cat from hell promo picture
Jackson Galaxy cat from hell promo picture. Picture courtesy Animal Planet
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This is the webpage it comes from:

Jackson galaxy cat- from hell picture

17 thoughts on “Is this Jackson Galaxy picture of a cat OK?”

  1. The photo is garish, but I think Mr. Galaxy felt he had to do something to catch people’s eye. The image and the slogan “My Cat from Hell” certainly does that. I completely agree with Dan’s assessment of the overall quality of the Photoshop job.

    I’m thinking about doing a blog from Samirah’s POV. I’ve never seen one out here from a senior cat’s view. I’ve started taking photos of Samirah, but I admit right now that I deliberately did not take any when she was on her rampage. She was truly terrifying. I would not have needed to Photoshop her. I have never been afraid of any dog (including pit bulls) or cat, but I slept with my door closed until I was sure she was safe and had calmed down. She’s the only fur companion I ever felt that way about.

    I think Jackson Galaxy does more good than harm. Unfortunately cats do have behavioral problems, and barring physical conditions the majority of those problems can be traced back to humans. People who hate cats and are willing to demonize them are not going to change unless they have a positive up close and personal experience with felines, and they might not change even then.

    • Funny, I have just written a reply to Sandy’s comment before I read yours in which I used exactly the same words “catch people’s eye”. You are right he is trying to catch the eye of people who struggle with cat caretaking. It is a dangerous ploy though as it paints a poor image of the cat.

      I agree Jackson is good. He is very good.

      • If Jackson Galaxy’s team had chosen a more dignified slogan than “My Cat from Hell” I bet he wouldn’t have the reputation or the fame he’s achieved. This is show business. I have to admit that sometimes I watch the show just to see all the drama. I sit there thinking “I’m glad I don’t have to go through that anymore!” And I’d be willing to bet that I’m not the only responsible cat owner who does that. It’s a human thing, to watch someone else struggle and think “Wow, their life sucks more than mine!” MCFH is a not so secret guilty pleasure of mine.

        People think dogs are man’s best friend and cat’s are witch familiars, even though there are just as many instances of cats protecting their owners and acting heroic as there are dogs doing the exact same thing. The Egyptians worshiped cats, but in the Middle Ages people demonized them and killed them off, which is how the Black Death came about when the rats and their fleas took over and the cats were gone. But the cat haters are convinced cats are worthless and inferior to dogs. Humans are weird.

        • Yes, it is about blending show business and making money with serious advice on cat behavior. This is a tricky marriage.

  2. Although I realize that Jackson has helped “train” cat guardians, like Ceasar Milan trained dog guardians, I’ve never like the title “My Cat from Hell”. I’ve actually had an aversion to watching his show, because I didn’t like seeing cats responding in these ways, to people who didn’t have a clue.

    I’m sure that many people have a new understanding of what they’re doing to create these undesirable behaviors in their pets, rather than continue to view the animal as the problem.

    I don’t question Jackson’s motivation or skills, but I think he’s succumbed to advice from marketing experts who cater to the “vulgar” general public. (As Sylvia Ann pointed out.)

    I’d love to see another “cat whisperer” give Jackson some competition, by presenting a perspective which focuses on responsible human guardianship for cats, rather than on cat reactions to mainstream ignorance.

    • I agree with you. The trouble is that he has to catch the eye of the people who struggle with understanding their cat. He is trying to empathise with these people who see their cat as a problem. Unfortunately it paints the picture that cats are from hell.


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