Is this Pixie-bob the unhappiest cat?

This is a Pixie-bob from the Legend Tales breeder. They have been breeding the Pixie-bob since 1996. They call the cat breed ‘the Golden Retriever of Cats’. That must mean the Pixie-bob likes playing fetch. Some cats do.

I have a page on the breed which you can read by clicking here. It is quite a rare breed. It is tailless. This is not a wild cat hybrid; just selectively bred to look a bit like a bobcat. I think the underlying purpose of the breed is to celebrate the wild cat in the domestic cat. People like to see a bit of the wild in their felines. You get a lot of that with the Pixie-bob.

Unhappy Pixie-bob. Photo copyright Helmi Flick.

But here’s the interesting thing about this individual cat: he looks hugely pissed off. He looks completely down in the dumps. I’ve not seen a more unhappy cat. However, I am sure the truth is that he is perfectly happy. It is all about this cat’s facial anatomy. It just makes him look the unhappiest cat.

He looks like a large cat too and this breed is larger than average. He has a super-strong face. Very masculine. I guessing that he is a male. I can’t see him being anything else with a face like that.

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He looks laid back and quiet too. The breed is said to be sensible and quiet. They have tabby coats inline with the wild look. They weigh in the range 9-18 pounds. The price seems to be around $1,500-$1,800. Not cheap then.


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