Is this the first automatic wet cat food dispenser with smartphone controls?

What I like about this Kickstarter fund raising project is the intelligent robot inside the box of tricks called the Pawbot. The robot seems to do a very good job of serving up cat and dog food at the prescribed time. The empty can is thrown away and the used dishes retrieved and so on. The robot even washes his ‘hands’ afterwards. This is an example of how robotics have advanced significantly recently.

I like it because if the cat owner is away for a day he/she can still feed their cat wet food at the prescribed time. A camera is included into the device so you can check what is going on.

The downside is that the inventor wants to raise $8000 which must be raised by the evening of today and that time has almost expired. At the time of dictating this there are 104 minutes to go before the crowdfunding project expires and a little over $2000 has been raised so it looks highly unlikely that the target of $8000 will be achieved and if not the project would have failed because, as I understand it, none of the money will be paid as this is an all or nothing fund raiser.

What do you think about the pawbot? Click to see fundraising page (this may have disappeared).

1 thought on “Is this the first automatic wet cat food dispenser with smartphone controls?”

  1. While I think this would be a good thing for those with 1 or maybe 2 cats, I have six cats, and they are on 3 special foods-canned and dry. I don’t think this would be practical for my situation.


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