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Is this the first time that a mountain lion has been killed with bare hands? — 1 Comment

  1. Small children need to be under constant adult supervision. Carry bear spray when you hike into areas known to be habitat to large predators. Keep a tracker on if you can no longer pick up a cell signal. Something that still happens. In fact I believe rental of these units should be mandatory in many state and national parks depending on the trails.
    Micheal not every attack is human provoked.
    If you see a big cat or bear report it to the ranger station. There is a lot of effort now to head off trouble.
    Children under 18 should be prohibited in the real back country of our national parks unless they are part of a group educational or conservation type group. When you go off the grid you are doing so at your own risk. Children/minors don’t have the mental capacity to understand that.
    Each year here Search and Rescue is out numerous times trying to find a lost hiker, usually in the dark often sustaining injuries themselves. A locator beacon could save a lot of grief. ( insert soapbox )
    I think the decision to destroy, relocate or use aversion training is based on a case by case basis.
    When hikers and campers report predators on trails it gives game and wildlife more options than they have once an attack or death occurs.
    BTW if you see tracks you are on notice their is a likely hood predators are in the area. Proceed in a way they are aware and stay aware of your surroundings. Or go back.

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