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Is this video cat abuse or educational and fun? Please tell me. — 8 Comments

    • Yes, he could have done that. But he probably and correctly decided that he makes better videos! The trouble is he gently abused his cat in the process.

  1. I purposely watched it with audio off, partly because I was too lazy to stand up to turn my amplifier on, but it lent me a way to observe without being swayed by his vocal presentation. I understand the curiosity about the physics. The cat animal is amazing especially in this way. However I agree that it’s a little abusive, and it’s not like this hasn’t been studied before, and yes in slow motion. I remember seeing films of this when I was a kid. And just before I saw him point to it, I thought about the tail as counter-inertia; it’s very interesting, even fascinating. I didn’t understand the box… I’ll have to turn the sound on to hear if he explained that, but if he dropped this cat 100 times, maybe the cat got used to it, but that’s abusive and I bet the cat didn’t like it. Actually (thanks to slow motion) you can see it on the cat’s face immediately after he lets go, but you have to be able to discern a cat’s expressions which many people can’t do. Thanks to Michael for another great article.

    • I agree completely with your assessment. The video is very instructive and he explains using physics how the cat twists only enough to land upright. But it is impossible to escape the abuse element if one upholds high standards of cat care.

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