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  1. Doesn’t all this take your mind off the rest of your day? I can’t help but smile reading your posts like this. A day in a life! I can so relate.

    Marvin is assertive, but not demanding at all. His loud voice usually rules! So he is almost apologetic about the attention he is getting.

  2. In short, Lilly is, Gigi is and Molly is not. Lilly always has been. First meows, then bites if you don’t comply. The bites start of light but get harder til she hurts you. Its a guaranteed system for results. She gets what she wants. Usually its because she wants to play. Rarely, but about 2 or 3 times a month she will start when I am in bed or at some quiet time. It works, I play :). Gigi has learnt to meow and loudly and she gets what she wants. Usually she wants her shredded old catnip mousey which I have reglued together so many times. She loves it. I store it in catnip. She wants it when I get home from work these days and will jump up on the chest of drawers next to where they are and let out a big meow like she never does otherwise – if I don’t get to the mousey giving quickly enough after getting home. Each day she wants it sooner and sooner. Pretty soon it will be the first thing I do. She also demand me to retrieve it when lost under the couch. She is very assertive.

    Molly is not. Well. She will run in the kitchen hoping I will follow. Its hard to say if she is not actually simply because I am sensitive to her language. Others might say she is unassertive. Maybe if I didn’t pay attention to her method of suggestion then she would become more vocally assertive or something. But she is the more quiet (when not in heat) and shy of the 3. At least thats how it would seem to a stranger or on the surface. Actually she is just less direct but I understand her. She suggests with her actions. Its very sweet. She jumps up on the bath ledge for her hairball paste every morning. And she is Red’s little sister so she has, as did he, a penchant for trying anything and everything to eat. She loves to nibble new things. Red and her are the same cat the way they do that. She comes and tells me she wants to try something. She is just not as assertive in the traditional sense of demanding and taking. She is more gentle and perhaps polite. Lilly will swipe food off my plate. Molly will stand by and show alot of interest and I always let her sniff or try. But to conclude – although all of them ask and recieve and get things they want, I would say Molly is the less or non assertive of the 3 by way of her method and lack of insistence. She doesn’t insist. She is wonderful. Michael is right, each has it’s charm. While the other 2 demand or ask vocally and in actions. Also very sweet. Especially when Gigi puts on a full blown meow instead of 20 chirps. Its almost shockingly adorable and it makes the point that she REALLY wants her mousey and right NOW, not in another 5 minutes. Interesting article. These kinds of articles make us think about cat behaviour in the kind of detail that will lead to good understanding and care taking.

    • You have cats that show a range of assertiveness behavior, which is great. You can make comparisons. Perhaps it is more about confidence. They say that the best kind of cat is a confident cat. This is because they are more interactive and suffer less stresses and therefore are likely to be healthier. In short they are better survivors. Not that they have to do much surviving in the domestic environment.

      Some people won’t get along with a confident, assertive and demanding cat because they like to be the boss and think of the cat as “down there”, a companion to do as she or he is told. Some cats don’t play that game and treat humans as equals. I love that but it can cause arguments. I argue with Charlie sometimes when he shouts at me for something and I am busy.

      When a cat has character and confidence there will be moments when there is a replica of the typical human-to-human argument.

      I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas day.

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