Is Your Cat Noisy in Bed!?

My cat is noisy in bed. He sleeps very loudly πŸ˜‰ As soon as he is dozing (frequently) he starts to make a noise. It is almost like a sign or a signal that is intended to say to me “I am asleep”. Except he is not! Well, if he is, he wakes up incredibly quickly…No he is not asleep. He is hardly ever asleep properly. Just sometimes he’ll twitch. Then I know he is really asleep.

I would expect most cats to sleep quietly. As my cat sleeps right next to me at shoulder/head height the noise he makes can keep me awake for a while. I tell him to shut up but he ignores me…. πŸ˜‰ He is in incredibly hot too… How do I get asleep?

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27 thoughts on “Is Your Cat Noisy in Bed!?”

  1. Any difficulties we encounter when sleeping with our cat is because of the differences in sleep patterns. Cats are nocturnal and we are not. Cats doze and we tend to zonk out. We are different. It is up to us to adjust.

  2. he sometimes does but i usually go over and lightly pat him and he stops. The other cats usually sleep either end of bed or the right side. smokey always moves to the side im sleeping on n if i roll over he moves back to that side hes definitly mummys boy.

  3. Monty sleeps under the bed or in his own room. Even if he naps with me on the bed during the day he sleeps by my feet, not up by my head. I don’t think he snores at all.

    • Charlie used to sleep at my feet. He then figured out it was safer higher up because he was away from my feet which kept moving when I was asleep. Now he prefers it.


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