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  1. Any difficulties we encounter when sleeping with our cat is because of the differences in sleep patterns. Cats are nocturnal and we are not. Cats doze and we tend to zonk out. We are different. It is up to us to adjust.

  2. he sometimes does but i usually go over and lightly pat him and he stops. The other cats usually sleep either end of bed or the right side. smokey always moves to the side im sleeping on n if i roll over he moves back to that side hes definitly mummys boy.

  3. Monty sleeps under the bed or in his own room. Even if he naps with me on the bed during the day he sleeps by my feet, not up by my head. I don’t think he snores at all.

    • Charlie used to sleep at my feet. He then figured out it was safer higher up because he was away from my feet which kept moving when I was asleep. Now he prefers it.

  4. well tiger seems to snore a little on his bed as i wake half way though the night wandering what the noise was. notice its just the cat. then smokey nose twitches its interesting how our cats resembling us humans. my cats are usually laying on parts of the bed.

  5. Oddly, I find Charlie’s breathing sort of soothing.
    Not to be sexist, but women may find it easier to sleep with noise, especially if they have experience sleeping with a snoring partner. There are some wild ones too -snorting, groaning, gurgling, talking and giving off enough heat that could roast a chicken. There’s a lot of soft snoring and purring here while asleep. The only things that bothers my sleep are nails kneading into my scalp and hearing crashes in the house.

    I don’t have any documented evidence, but I don’t think anyone ever died from lack of sleep.

    • if they have experience sleeping with a snoring partner

      I can see that. It seems cats can be as noisy as humans in bed or they can take as much getting used to as humans.

    • Actually, lack of sleep can be fatal. I heard of this absolutely diabolical experiment done on mice, wherein every time the mouse fell asleep he’d be pushed into water, which would wake him up. After about two weeks every mouse in the experiment died. No visible health problems could be found, no other reason to account for their deaths other than that they had not slept. Whoever invented that horrible experiment deserves to put through the same torture in hell for all eternity. But it did show that there is something about sleep that is essential to health. Not that Monty cares about my health when he’s digging his claws into my scalp or slapping me in the face with his paw at two a.m.

      • Scientists do some very cruel and needless experiments and I wish Karma on them all who torture animals in the name of science, just because they can.

      • I read that during sleep, the brain is cleared of a certain chemical (toxic central nervous system (CNS) metabolites – β-amyloid (Aβ), are present in the interstitial space surrounding cells in the brain) that has built up during waking hours. If this chemical is not flushed out, there are serious health consequences and as you say even death.

        • Is Monty trying to kill me? How does he know the exact moment I’ve drifted back to sleep or when I am drifting into a very deep, satisfying sleep? He must know, because that is almost always the exact moment he chooses to ask for a night snack and some foot petting. Not petting his foot, petting his whole body with my foot.

      • I hate experiments like that.
        Obviously, sleep deprivation is very serious.
        Thanks for the info.
        I just knew that Damon’s antics would put me at deaths’ door one day. Now I know what it will be.
        There may even be a conspiracy going on here, and I never realized.

      • How horrible is that, and the ones doing it would go home and sleep every night while that experiment was going on. Evil! My late husband had sleep apnoea, he snored like a train and used to stop breathing while asleep, he was no good through the day until eventually he was given a CPAP machine that kept his airways open and he had to wear it every night to sleep in, it made a huge difference once he started getting proper sleep.

  6. Lilly snores. It’s funny – she also has dreams where she starts frantically chirping and meowing and I have to wake her up. Especially if she is cuddled up to Molly of Gig because she will start fighting them in her sleep – she’s having some kind of anxious dream it seems.

    The other 2 are very quiet generally. Gigi has a little nose which makes noises when she is sniffing at something – it’s funny you can hear her sniffing – it’s as if her nose is slightly blocked and bubbly. 🙂

    • That’s cute. With Charlie, he starts the heavy breathing as soon as he is in sleep mode. I think it’s about his brain which gets into dictating a rhythmical pattern of breathing and it comes through as what you hear.

  7. Bigfoot snores too. Not quite as breathy as Charlie. Big’s is more guttural. I keep trying to get Marv’s loud voice recorded. But he is apparently not a ham. He is a snorer too. It took months of living here before he would allow deep rem sleep in front of his human.

  8. How lovely to hear a happy cat in the capital city while sitting in the north east of England, the sound is almost like a mixture of breathing and purring, he does sound content, and a bit loud, you can’t even put your pillow over your head if he sleeps right beside you. Walter doesn’t snore, he moans a little bit at times and purrs a lot when he comes up for a snuggle but otherwise he’s another quiet sleeper (when he sleeps – a.k.a Mr Insomnia-Neighbourhood Watch-Cat)

  9. lol I think you need some earplugs Michael!
    My bed mate Jozef is very peaceful, I can’t think any of our cats who have sleep with me have snored.

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