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Islamic faith drives concern for stray cats of Jeddah during coronavirus pandemic

NEWS/VIEWS-SAUDI ARABIA: in accordance with the teachings of the Islamic faith, animal advocates and caring residents in the city of Jeddah, have come up with an innovative method to feed hungry, stray cats which is needed because of rigid restrictions on movement introduced to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus which has prevented visitors feeding the cats.

The city’s authorities have launched a “Food of Mercy” initiative to feed stray cats and other animals living on the waterfront.

Feeding Jeddah’s stray cats. Picture: Arab News. Eng. Sultan Al-Zaidi is top right in this montage.

The leader of the municipality, Al-Zaidi, said that taking good care of animals and treating them well is a “noble Islamic principle”. The precautionary measures have also closed restaurants and other food outlets which would have been a source of food for the cats as well. The budget is small but the innovation is good. They’ve installed 60 food and water tubes as illustrated on this page. It is dry cat food and therefore they have also provided water.

Feeding the stray cats of Jeddah. Picture: Arab News.

Al-Zaidi said that this was an act of humanity and denied that some animals had been found dead on the seafront. Local citizens have volunteered their support and services for the initiative. The initiative has been supported by the Saudi Society for Animal Welfare and the Humane Society of Saudi Arabia and other private organisations.

COMMENT: anybody concerned with the welfare of animals and particularly cats will be delighted to read this news story from the Middle East. It tells us animal welfare is a concern in the Middle East (but they can do better) and that the coronavirus pandemic has created some good news amongst all the bad. I hope the report of dead animals on the waterfront is indeed fake news.


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