Islamist Uses Cats to Attract and Groom Recruits for Terrorism

Islamist uses cats in sick and bizarre way to get recruits.
Islamist uses cats in sick and bizarre way to get recruits.
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In a bizarre development, a British Isis recruiter is using social media featuring cats and kittens as a way to recruit potential terrorists. The bizarre and sick photo above shows us how he is fusing together the attractive cuteness of cats with terrorism. It is utterly immoral.

But it should be no surprise to any of us bearing in mind the sick and brutal behaviour of ISIS terrorists. In this case the sicko Muslim terrorist recruiter is Omar Hussain. He recently posted a photograph of a kitten curled up inside a suicide explosives belt (“come closer and I’ll blow the entire house down”) and a cat called Bint lucy (see above) snuggled up with a live hand grenade.

Hussain used to be in mainstream employment at a supermarket in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. In illustrating his warped and sick view of life he writes:

“Hating the kuffar [non-believers also spelled “kafir”] is an essential part of our religion…A Muslim cannot claim to love Islam while simultaneously having no hatred for the kuffar..So the kind neighbour, your boss, your son’s school teacher, the postman, the bus driver, the cashier at the supermarket, that random woman who takes her dog out for a walk every morning to the park must he hated.”

It is believed that he is out to brainwash and groom disaffected teenagers and in using cute cats he is attracting their attention and I suppose normalising extreme brutality and criminality.

There is a lot of talk and whether the koran encourages these extremist views because when interpreted literally it can be construed to promote violence against non-believers. That is the impression I get. The koran has a violent element which is being used by terrorist to justify their violent plans against humanity. Senior Muslims across the world should speak out with one voice and ensure the koran is not used in this way. There is a page on PoC about the cat’s relationship to the Islam faith. The prophet Mohammad would be appalled at the behavior of Oman Hussain in combing cats and terrorism. The prophet loved cats by all accounts (see also the tag ‘Islam faith and cats).

Hussain who has appeared in Isis propaganda captions a photo of an assault rifle:

“Jihad is so fun. Go around killing kafirs, taking their stuff. It’s a dream job. Lol.”

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Source: Sunday Times.

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