Israeli Defence Minister’s declaration that “we are fighting animals, not people” is an unfair analogy

NEWS AND COMMENT: The Israeli Defence Minister’s declaration that the Israeli military “are fighting animals, not people” is BS. It is pure bollocks. I’ll tell you why. Animals don’t do what humans do under these circumstances. Animals don’t enter into ridiculous wars where there are no winners ultimately. Animals don’t act like Hamas terrorists and slit the throats of babies as reported and alleged. Animals don’t then retaliate by killing up to 3,000 children many buried under millions of tonnes of rubble that was once the homes of Palestinians living in Gaza.

Israel warned the streets of Gaza City were now a ‘battlefield’ as fighting intensified between the Israel Defence Forces and Hamas terrorists yesterday. Image in the public domain.
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This is not the behaviour of animals. This is the behaviour of people. People behaviour is far worse than animal behaviour at its worst. Animals kill to eat. They kill to defend their food or their territory. They fight competitors and one of them dies. It’s all about survival.

This war is not about survival although the Israelis might state that it’s about the survival of Israel. I don’t accept that. One thousand four hundred Israelis were killed by the barbaric Hamas terrorists when they crossed through the border from Gaza into various kibbutz nearby.

And they killed some Israelis through their rockets. But killing 1,400 Israelis in Israel is not tantamount to destroying the Israeli state. It’s an act of war to which Israel has a right to retaliate and defend themselves but they have to comply with international law regarding war and the general view as far as I can glean it from the news media is that they are not.

And it is very the basing of the Israeli government to equate their behaviour with that of animals. It is disrespectful of animals as far as I am concerned. It actually shows a lack of intelligence to equate the behaviour of Hamas terrorists with animals. It shows a lack of enlightenment. It is a stupid analogy.

If you’ve seen the pictures as I have of Gaza blown to smithereens in the north, you would be concerned. You would ask who is behaving badly? The answer must be both parties. Benjamin Netanyahu wants to destroy Hamas by destroying infrastructure and civilians unconnected with Hamas.

That also is stupid because you can’t destroy an attitude, a culture and a thought process which is in the minds of Hamas terrorists by destroying the infrastructure around them. In fact, you reinforce their mindset. You create fresh recruits to the Hamas army. You make things worse.

There is no doubt that Netanyahu is acting on his instincts. It is animals who act on their instincts. That, I believe, is an ironic observation. It’s gone full circle. And it brings to mind the concept of karma. What goes around comes around. Every action has a consequence. A negative action brings a negative consequence sometime in the future. The opposite with a positive action.

In the long run, Netanyahu will bring problems to Israel; big and long-term problems perhaps through an expansion of this war. Even without that, a lot of people are silently thinking that Israel are doing the wrong thing. They gone too far.

Ironic too are the words of a Palestinian isolated and starving in Gaza who said, “We are living like animals”. What does that mean? It means that humans are living in a very bad way under very bad conditions. Is that the way all animals live? I think not. If humans leave wild animals alone to live their lives out in the wild, they live good lives suited to their skills, abilities and mentality. It’s only when humans get involved and mistreat pet dogs and cats and abuse livestock that animals begin to live bad lives.

I have to criticised this Palestinian as much as I will vociferously criticise the Israeli Defence Minister, they are both wrong in equating the behavior and suffering of Israelis and Palestinians in this war with animals.

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