Istanbul Metro Cat Snoozes In Most Bizarre Position

They call this calico street cat ‘Taksim metro cat’. This cat’s behaviour is very unusual. You could say that it is extraordinary and it makes me wonder why she is doing this. My first feelings were that she may be ill because to rest at the top of the out escalator just at the point where people disembark the escalator and almost in the exact centre of that position is, on the face of it, bizarre behaviour. As you can see in the video on Facebook travellers are surprised to see her and have difficulty avoiding her. Therefore, I would guess that she has been kicked on a number of occasions.

I can understand that she has become very used to people being around her but to be so near to people and in such an inherently dangerous position indicates abnormal behaviour.

If she has been hit then she should be averse to sitting in this position. It is a position which is almost diametrically opposed to the typical feline resting position which is a quiet place somewhere where she can observe and snooze.

On the upside, the answer may simply be that in that position she is warm because heat is being emitted by the mechanism below the stainless steel plate on which she rests. I’m going to guess again and say that below that plate is an electric motor which drives the escalator. It gets hot and the heat rises to warm the plate on which she sits. That’s why she’s there and she doesn’t care about the people and doesn’t worry about the potential danger of the position because extraordinarily she’s never been walked on. However, I think that this cat is ill and the heat helps to ameliorate how she feels. The desire to feel better because of the heat overcomes any natural aversion to the masses of people surrounding her who may potentially walk on her. What do you think?

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  1. Maybe she is all that you say and a little bit mentally deficient? Though Albert’s comments make sense since my own cat has sat in the middle of a path I frequently used and appears unconcerned that I will squash him.

  2. Yeah, that is a brilliant deduction. That aside I was thinking about my cats who when they walk with me like to get in my way, and I also have to avoid stepping on them. If/when someone is carrying something in their arms whereas they can’t see directly in front of them will step or trip on her. Curious that the management doesn’t consider that and the possible litigation that might ensue. The cat really shouldn’t be there in any case. If I were a patron I’d inquire if I could adopt her.

    • Yes, cats do get in the way, under your feet. In a relaxed relationship they are not aware of the dangers of getting under the feet of their human companion. There may be something in that in this instance.

      And also a good point about possible litigation. There could be a nasty accident. Yes, someone should adopt here. In Istanbul they have this community cat mentality. They expect cats to be outside cats and shared and not owned by one individual. The old style (5,000 year old style!)


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