“It blew my world apart.” Galaxy talking about Lux

Jackson Galaxy with Lux the aggressive cat
Jackson Galaxy with Lux the aggressive cat. Photo Animal Planet
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In a preview of what is to come on the Jackson Galaxy show 8 p.m. Saturday, June 14 on Animal Planet (very soon) Jackson says that he was getting along fine with Lux during his 6 week assessment of this celebrated so called “aggressive cat” until…..

His initial assessment was like mine and many others, I suppose: Lux was a provoked and wound up cat who lost his temper. But no.

Galaxy fell in love with Lux and was getting along beautifully but suddenly Lux snapped and it shocked Galaxy. He says:

“I honestly can tell you that after 20 years of working with cats … Lux is definitely the most challenging cat I ever worked with,”

We will see what he says in his show “My Cat From Hell” but he hints that dealing with Lux has made him reassess his approach to feline behavior “problems”.

His initial general assessment is that Lux suffers from “complex physical and emotional problems”. Let’s see what happens next but reading between the lines the Lux may have inherited his aggression which is promoted under certain situations and there may be issues of inadequate socialisation. This is an important case I feel. Lux may have emotional issues created at kittenhood or inherited.


12 thoughts on ““It blew my world apart.” Galaxy talking about Lux”

  1. Since Jackson Galaxy sells Spirit Essences, I’m sure he must have tried those. I’d probably try Bach Flower Essences, Homeopathic remedies, and Cannabis from CannaPet.

    I’ve watched some of the YouTube videos, and most of the vets recommend drugs or “prescription”? foods made by Royal Canin and Hills. Those companies have thought of any health issue that cats and dogs might have, and marketed them as a solution.

    I’d try natural solutions first, then see if any of the
    well known “trusted” vets, like Dr. Lisa Pierson, Dr. Holve, and others, have suggestions.

    I’d never heard of this before. Mitzy does run through the house on occasion, like “a bat out of hell”, or sometimes jumps up to her perch in a rushed fashion, in 3 quick leaps. Normally, she jumps in 3 “planned” leaps, where she’s looking ahead for her landing spot.

    When she rushes through the house, I assume it’s because she’s seen a cat walking along the outside of our house.

    She doesn’t have any of the behaviors I see on YouTube, but at least now I know what to look for.

    I had two cats for 13-14 years, with no issues of any kind, and vet visits only for shots. I guess I was very lucky, in view of the variety of problems I see in cats, and the issues that Mitzy has had, recently.

    She started off homeless, and lived that way for almost 2 years, so she didn’t have care in her early years of development. But I’m trying to make up for that now. I’m so glad I’m retired, and can give her my devoted
    attention. And she asks for it, all the time!

  2. I still think someone has done something to this cat to make him the way he is, cats don’t have physical and emotional problems for no reason.
    We all know that cats NEVER forget!

    • If it is not the family with whom Lux currently lives it is probably someone else who directly or indirectly caused this cat to lose his cool on occasions (or pain or socialisation). Perhaps something specific triggers it. We should find out soon if Jackson Galaxy has worked it out.

      Has anyone asked if this cat is declawed?

        • I have found our first hand what good memories cats have. One of customers got a cat after his died and he was scared to let her out initially and he asked if I would try her with a harness. She hated it and I didn’t even get her outside with it. That was 8 months ago and even now when she sees me she spits and runs away. I feel awful and I know she will never forget. Someone at some point did something to Lux and she has never forgotten I think something that still happens to her, good or bad triggers it off.

          • Michael, no mention of declaw. MRI’s of the brain and spine were normal. Lux was diagnosed as probably having hyperesthesia. I have only heard of it once and when I read about it, the story said the cat will attack themselves. Maybe, you can write an article for us to understand it more?

            Long story short, the original owners let Lux be re homed with his foster parents. They only had Lux one week, but were totally in love with him. He did have one “seizure” with them and was very aggressive. They are adopting Lux, love him very much, understand he is special needs and will continue to monitor/treat him for the hyperesthesia.

            • Ah hyperesthesia! So it’s likely this poor cat’s aggression was triggered by the shrill noise of a child of the family maybe? Then some noise in his foster home rekindled that memory.
              Very interesting.

            • Thanks Cindy. Excellent update. I was looking for one. Did you get the info from the Jackson Galaxy show? It looks like it is a medical problem then. Hypesthesia is when the cat feels sensations to an excessive degree. I’ll try and do something on this again.


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