It is business as usual for Cat Café Lviv, Ukraine, during Putin’s invasion

CAT CAFÉ LVIV is staying open during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. For the family who owns the café, it is business as usual. Although, it has to be said, Lviv is in the far west of Ukraine where, we are told, the conflict is much lighter at present but nonetheless it is nice to see these brave people taking a passive stand against the horrendous hostility from their neighbour, Russia.

It is all the more remarkable because Kyiv, the capital, has been shut down for the last four days. A once bustling and vibrant city is closed. To keep this cat café open is a statement that they are not going to be cowed by Putin’s madness. And this is Putin’s war. But it’s not going as planned.

And in an interesting twist, this cat café has Sphynx cats (or are they the Russian version: Don Sphynx, they probably are). It is highly unusual for a café to have purebred cats, particularly hairless cats. Normally cat café’s work in conjunction with cat rescue organisations in order that they can double up as adoption centres.

That said, in a way it is suitable to have hairless cats at a cat café because these are full-time indoor cats. I’m told that there are 20 cats at Cat Café Lviv. I also notice from the photographs that at least one of the cat is a purebred Persian (see above). I am getting the impression that this is a café with a difference.

Perhaps the owners had a collection of purebred cats in their home and as a consequence they decided to open a café in order to combine their love for purebred cats and cats in general with a viable business. I hope that it is viable and that it remains viable. I wonder how many customers are currently visiting.

They are on the TripAdvisor website with a good four-star rating from 207 reviews. They serve vegetarian food and they are based about 1 mile from the old town centre. There not far from the Lviv Polytechnic National University. Their address is listed but I won’t reproduce it here just in case.

The news leaking out of the Ukraine, which may not be entirely accurate, is that Putin is struggling to take over the country because his troops are not performing as he desires. There are some interesting and rather remarkable stories coming out in the country. The Russians are running out of fuel, food and morale. I have even read that some Russian soldiers are laying down their arms because they don’t want to fight against fellow Russians.

There are a lot of Russian citizens in Ukraine. I’ve also read that the Russian troops don’t want to shoot because they can’t tell the difference between their troops and the Ukraine troops 👌. And they get lost geographically. There is a call going up in Ukraine to remove all the road signs to make sure that they continue to get lost 👍.

There are some more news stories below.

2 thoughts on “It is business as usual for Cat Café Lviv, Ukraine, during Putin’s invasion”

  1. Mike do you think they are staying open so people that are leaving can bring their cats to them? Could be why we are seeing purebreds. Many people fleeing are leaving pets with family and friends who are staying. You should see some of the little purebred dogs running loose in Ukraine. I’ve seen pugs, chihuahua’s and yorkies. Animals really pay the ultimate price of war. Someone posted 1000’s of birds are dead.

    • Certainly possible. It seems unique by American standards to have purebreds in a cat cafe. If cat owners are abandoning even temporarily their cats at this cafe it’s going to be untenable eventually. It won’t work. Yes, the animals are the most innocent and the ones to suffer the most. Humankind at it again.


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