It is called ‘cat chemistry’

These cats become bonded four days after they met! This has got to be an example of what I call ‘cat chemistry’. It does exist. It is an interesting concept because a lot of people even doubt if cats have emotions. Although that human blind spot is rapidly disappearing.

It is called cat chemistry
It is called cat chemistry. These guys met four days earlier and look at them now. Photo: Reddit user: u/Mavromatiszinnel.
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In multi-cat homes we do know that some cats don’t get on while other get along like a house on fire. People just accept it. They don’t ask questions and accept that it just happens. If only it always happened as quiet animosity between cats must be a problem in many homes.

In people ‘chemistry’ between a couple is about a connection due to similarities in thoughts and character. How does cat chemistry work? Is it based on human principles? We don’t know. No one discusses it.

I’d suggest that cat chemistry is based on feline things such as the scent of the cat and personality. If one cat is naturally confident and therefore friendly, they may welcome a new cat coming into the home. They may approach with tail up and the new boy may immediately feel more at ease.

Cat chemistry – if it exists – must be confirmation that domestic cats have their own personalities (if confirmation is needed) and that cats have preferences on the sort of personalities that they find attractive.

There is also the question of appearance. Do domestic cats find some other cats physically attractive and others unattractive? I have not seen this discussed much if at all, either. I think scientists need to conduct a study on that one. It seems likely to me that cats do indeed prefer the appearance of some cats over others.

When mating, females chose a preferred male. And lionesses like males with dark manes. This is a strong confirmation that cats find certain appearances more attractive. Size counts too. You’ll find females selecting larger males.


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