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It is the stability of the cat-human relationship which is so great — 2 Comments

  1. I’m glad you wrote this (and every) article, Michael and I agree with most of it as usual. That I sometimes see a little something I could add which compliments them is a strength we have, like a song writing team. Here I would only add that when our cats visit neighbors it could attest to the joy and comfort they get from that little friendship. Just like with us, meal times are a chance to bond too. I’ve had cats (and still have two) who visit a neighbor who does leave food out, but while that’s the main attraction, I think cats also consider if they like the people there. We might feel our relationships are more like little domestic partnerships, like marriages, and feel cheated on when they do this, but it’s all a matter of degree. They don’t categorize things quite as morally as we do, they’re more gregarious and of course practical when it comes to food. While survival and seeking resources is job one, I just resist explaining animal behavior solely in terms of food… they enjoy our company too of course. It’s at least a perk for them while they take handouts. I had a Maine Coon who was very friendly and made the most of every moment with anyone he could. It’s people who settle on the food connection, who fail to consider how social they can be and how much that can be part of the equation.

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