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It is Time for the Prime Minister of the UK to Manage Her Working Cats — 3 Comments

  1. If they bring in females to substitute, they could be named Maggie and Theresa! Can’t resist sharing an amusing incident that happened recently — an unfortunate mouse found its way into our home and encountered several of our indoor-only cats. They were simply watching when our very elderly Pawlette got up, dispatched the mouse with one bite, and instantly devoured it — all within about 30 seconds. She looked around as if to say “that’s how it’s done” and returned to her nap.

  2. Is responding to your earlier post about these working cats I asked if Larry & Palmerston are neutered. If not, that would surely go a long way toward explaining their tendency to fight. However, it is said that males make better hunters if left intact — do you agree?

    • Yes, they are neutered and yes intact males make better hunters but….I don’t think we need excellent hunters, just a cat living in the area to deter rats. We need cats that get along 😉 .

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