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It is unrealistic to ask people to stop feeding feral cats — 14 Comments

  1. I fully support the community cat system. In the urban areas the minority of intolerant’s need to become part of the community. Many are uninformed, misinformed, biased or just not studied at all. I believe animal welfare should be put on top of the as list we humans scorch the earth and keep destroying animals and their habitat.

  2. I live in a city called Tamara Florida- they have a code of enforcement which basically states that it is a violation of the city to feed any out door cats. Because of a I’ll natured person who lives in a unit attached to my unit my complex known as Banyan Lakes has taken on the same code. They are in the process of sending out cease and desist letters to all residents in the complex. Not to feed outdoor cats. This goes against the county ordinances but apparently the city trumps the county. The problem is two fold. Some of us have spent numerous amounts of $ to spay and neuter these animals and there food source is being taken away from them. What will happen to these animals – apparently no one cares but a handful of us willing to take a stand. The property mgmt team doesn’t even want a vote from the community -a 4 person board has made the decision

    • Thank a lot, Bob, for sharing your experiences on this important topic. I will study your comment and see if it encourages me to write further on this.

  3. Feeders add to the ever-growing cat problem. It is now well-known in TNR circles that if you can’t afford to, or don’t want to, sterilize TNR cats, all you have to do is trap them and take a pair of scissors to one of their ears. A simple snip on an ear, no more harmful than they’d get in one of their cat-fights, and now your outdoor cats are safe from being euthanized by authorities because they look just like any other sterilized TNR cat. Free cats to feed that give you more free cats to feed!

    You have no idea what you are promoting. You are making the problem thousands of times worse so even more thousands of cats will have to be destroyed eventually. You’re so helpful, aren’t you.

    • You are missing the point. I am not really looking at the wider issues. I am addressing the emotional motivators of decent people who want to help vulnerable animals. There is nothing wrong in that so don’t stop it. Stop the production of unwanted cats. Also you state that cat feeders are pretending that cats are TNRed when they are not. Are you saying that this happens a lot? If so provide some proof.

      • For just one example of hundreds that I’ve spotted in discussions from one TNR practitioner to all other TNR practitioners. They don’t talk about this as openly in public discussions as they do in emails and in private. How do I know? I’ve received lots of their emails, I’m on many TNR practitioners’ mailing-lists, their suggesting that everyone just clip a cat’s ear instead of wasting all that time and money getting them sterilized. The outcome they want is the exact same, to stop any and all cats from being euthanized, so why bother with costly sterilizations.

        Read Chris Cook’s comment here.


    • There’s no fake ear tipping, Jim. Unless I were equipped with a sedation gun, I wouldn’t be able to perform that procedure on a true feral. And, I would feel very foolish and sorry if I even made an attempt.

  4. Too many people have the attitude that if you don’t feed them, they will go away. They never stop to consider HOW the cats will go away. Too many will die from starvation rather than wander in search of food. The domestic cat doesn’t understand the abandonment and haven’t learned to leave “home” in search of plentiful hunting. So sad.

  5. Quote: “Feral cat feeders are both being kind to animals, who were put in a precarious position by irresponsible humans, and simultaneously carrying out a public service. Leave them alone or help them but don’t criticise them.”

    I agree totally on this, Michael. Feral and stray cats need our compassion and help, not our contempt. Those who feed feral cats have hearts of gold. 🐾💜💜

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