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It takes ‘a village’ to save an injured cat Animal Control couldn’t be bothered with

Sometimes it takes a village to save an injured cat. Especially when Animal Control shows up then turns right around and leaves without checking on the poor kitty. This article is longer than my typical story but it’s necessary because people need to understand not everyone cares about cats.

Samson is healing (Dana Hope Wilson)

J.T’s heartbreaking story of a cat now known as Samson (original Facebook post)

So as I sit here and ponder on what actions I should take, I’ll take some advice from everyone. There is a cat that wanders the neighborhood, its been obviously injured. Probably clipped by a car that does 50+mph up an down the street (30 mph zone). It was laying beside my house at a house being built.

Last night I called Spartanburg County PD and ask for animal control to come pick up the cat. Was told they will see if an after hour AC would. Never heard back. This morning the cat had drug itself to the back of the house to get out of the sun. I called Spartanburg County again. Was told the animal control would be out.

Around 11:00 am I ran an errand and had notification of activity on my security camera. I pulled it up and there was AC, however the vehicle pulled in turned around and straight back out of the driveway. I checked on the cat, it had drug itself to another spot of shade.

Yet again I called Spartanburg County and they put me through to that very officer that told me she got out, walked around an didn’t see anything so she left. I explained in depth each call about and where the cat is. The AC officer said she is on another call and will be back in a couple hours.

Six hours later and still no sign of anyone. Should I file a complaint against the AC officer for lying not 1 time but 2 an the poor cat that has drug itself into the house being built and laying there in agony. I mean who do ya call at this point?

‘A village’ comes together to save this cat

Samson’s life mattered to a handful of people who read the post on him in a Facebook group called Friends of Spartanburg Animals. Members of the group got him the help to save his life. The CARE veterinarian is pretty sure the damage was caused from being hit by a car. Tib/fib broken in 2 places. Pelvis broken. FIV+ . MAY be semi-feral.

X-ray showed serious injuries

Thanks to J.P. (only giving his initials to prevent harassment) for caring about this boy. Thanks to Charlotte Ford for tagging Dana Hope Wilson who picked him up and got him to CARE. Thanks to Foster Paws Rescue for donating combo test , flea treatment . and medications. Thanks to a vet and techs at CARE who gave up their breakfast break to place a splint on a homeless kitty. Thanks to all who are willing to donate. Thanks to Karen Coppler Harenberg for picking him up and bringing them to Dana Hope Wilson’s house while she got her foster cats ready for adoption.

Samson is an FIV+(Dana Hope Wilson)

This is community. This is rescues working together to save lives. This is love, compassion, and caring.
If you have concerns about animal control , show up at Monday’s county council meeting in Greenville. Spartanburg animals are taken there as agreed on in a contract with GCACS.

Leaders meed to know what the community is capable of to help animals. They also need to know when Animal Control isn’t doing their job. The animal loving community of South Carolina has been working hard to toughen animal cruelty laws. Animal Control needs to play a part and not do a half-ass job because animals are dying because nothing is done in many cases of animal cruelty.

Everything happens for a reason

It was probably for the best that Animal Control didn’t pick Samson up. He’d have been taken to Greenville County Animal Care in Greenville, South Carolina. He’d have sat there until a veterinarian had time to examine him. With his FIV status, coupled with his injury, Samson most likely wouldn’t have made it out alive.

Still, it’s distressing that Animal Control didn’t actually do their job by checking on Samson. There is video footage of them pulling into the driveway then driving away. Again, I’m not posting it because of the possibility J.T. would be harassed.

Samson still needs funds called in to 864-591-1923 on Dana Wilson’s account. She put the bill on her personal credit card so Samson could be treated.

Note: I did a whack job on this article where I did a lot of copy and paste from the original post. From what I’ve heard, Samson is safe with Dana but needs a foster of his own because Dana is full right now.

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Elisa Black-Taylor

Elisa is an experienced cat caretaker and rescuer. She lives in the US. As well as being a professional photographer, Elisa has been a regular contributor to PoC for nine years. See her Facebook page.

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