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Italy: Where fox hunters shot a domestic cat in a village garden — 13 Comments

  1. Foxes are edible. But mostly they are controlled because of preying on domestic poultry, rabbits and other small livestock.

  2. I HATE hunting, I HATE hunters and I HATE guns with a passion and I sign every petition to get them banned here.
    There is no need for ordinary people to have guns, especially young males who are mostly too stupid to realise guns are dangerous weapons.
    Yes the target was probably cats as surely no one hunts foxes after dark.
    It’s a poor state of affairs if a cat can’t sit safely in his own garden.
    Poor Sandy, another image branded into my mind forever along with all the other horrors already there and always caused by humans!

  3. Looking into this, I found out that the dum dum bullet is also not authorised for use in hunting foxes. So the cat was likely the intended target all along.

    • Me too big time. It is something so basic and so wrong and it is still popular in the world. It proves that humankind is still emotionally in the cave, hunting and gathering.

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