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Itchy cats: Don’t give anti-flea treatment first

THE DEVILISH CAT FLEA — Image: MERSEYPEST – Pest Control Liverpool

Because cat fleas are such a predominant feline health issue, there might be a tendency among cat guardians to presume that their cat has fleas when they start scratching themselves because their skin is itchy. The advice is to stop, think and check for the reason for itchiness because (a) flea treatments are insecticides, which are poisonous, nasty chemicals that can harm cats especially if e.g. dog treatments are used on cats – potentially fatal and (a) there are many other causes of itchiness in cats requiring entirely different and sometimes safer treatments.

I would rather a veterinarian explain the other causes of itchiness in cats but, as it happens, I have a page on cat skin problems and a long list of alternative reasons for itchy skin in cats. PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK TO SEE THE LIST (it opens a new tab or page).

I’d like to take this opportunity to present some more links to pages on cat flea treatments. This is a very important topic because sometimes, regrettably, cat guardians are not guardians but careless owners and they use the wrong flea treatment or the treatment that they have used is unsafe despite being commercially available.


Cat and Dog Flea Treatments Are Polluting Rivers

Imidacloprid a neonicotinoid insecticide used in some cat flea treatments such as Advantage II pollutes streams and rivers where it ...
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Should I shave my cat to get rid of fleas?

To the question in the title the answer is a resounding No despite the understandable urge to get rid of ...
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This is not the first time an animal has been poisoned by Sergeants flea control

This is a video on Facebook that has gone viral. It is difficult to watch. The person who posted it ...
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Dog ‘Spot On’ flea treatment packaging needs to be changed to protect cats

The Pet Poison Helpline makes it clear that topical spot-on insecticides for dogs is one of the most common ways ...
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The flea spray which poisons cats

A flea spray based upon the naturally occurring insecticide, pyrethrins, is being pulled from supermarket shelves in Australia after adverse ...
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Company incorrectly packages tick treatment for dogs as a cat flea treatment

In the UK don't use Armitage Pet Care Flea and Tick Drops. It could kill your cat. Bio-Tech Solutions have ...
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Bad experience with a Bob Martin ‘spot on’ treatment. Advice please.

By Suzy I've had a very bad experience with a Bob Martin 'spot on' treatment. I need advice and also ...
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Beware: Trifexis can harm dogs. Products for cats contain the same insecticides

There are clear indications, through the first hand experiences of dog caretakers/guardians, that the heartworm treatment for dogs, Trifexis, is ...
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Herbal Cat Flea Remedies Are No Safer Than Conventional Treatments

I was looking for safe and natural home treatments for the notorious cat flea (my cat does not have fleas ...
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