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Itchy Kitties: Cats that Self-Groom Excessively — 4 Comments

  1. Some of this is in evidence right now in our home, Jo, because we have lost our beloved Maine Man, Sammi, on the 8th. He was 21 years young and absolutely magnificent. We are all in grief because of our loss, and our torti beauty Tarifa is experiencing some alopoecia, partly evident before Sammi’s passing and could possibly be stress-related because sometimes we do have stress.

  2. A short time after we adopted Sir Hubble Pinkerton, my husband and I had to take a trip for a week. We boarded him and his brother with our vet (we were living in NY at the time) and when we returned and picked the kitties up I noticed that Sir Hubble had started licking himself excessively and had pulled out a huge amount of fur- and had scratched himself under his neck until the area was open and bloody.

    It took a lot of veterinary attention and nursing care, to heal him. He was fine until we moved to Florida. He was so stressed out that he again started over-grooming and chewing on himself. In addition to considerable veterinary intervention and anti-anxiety medication, we also changed his diet to grain-free (that was 14 years ago) and eventually this behavior stopped. So far he hasn’t started this compulsive behavior again and I am crossing my fingers and toes that he won’t. It is a very upsetting behavior as far as I am concerned. Funny thing is that he left his belly hair intact.

  3. My Charlie suffered from overgrooming at the time of my mother’s death (she was his caretaker). I adopted him on her death and he gradually stopped overgrooming and his hair returned. He groomed his belly and the inside of his hind legs – classic places where cats overgroom because they are easy to get at.

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