It’s a Mad, Mad Cat World but it is loving (video)

I believe that this is a Russian cat rescuer living in Russia in a small apartment. She can’t leave the cats she passes by out in the cold of Russia in winter.

Oh no…

Posted by RantLifestyle on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Strange as it might sound, I don’t see her as a hoarder. She is just compassionate. She is almost overwhelmed but appears to cope. The environment is extremely poor for the cats competing as they are for space and food. A completely unnatural and stressful environment BUT better that dying of hypothermia on the streets of some city (Moscow?) in Russia.

The environment is also extremely stressful and poor for the woman but she doesn’t mind or accepts it. She prefers this to thinking about the cats dying unpleasant and undignified deaths outside.

I wonder what she does for litter trays? All the rules about providing separate litter trays and separate food bowls are thrown out of the window. They have to fight for the food and there isn’t enough of it.

“Yuck. I love cats but can you imagine the smell? Oh no!”

“The smell…. Oh god the smell…..”

Life is tough for a cat rescue lady in Russian with extremely limited means.

If I am wrong about this coming from Russia, I apologise.

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