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It’s Easy to Provoke Aggressive Play in a Cat — 6 Comments

  1. I use DaBird with Samirah. That gets her going every time.

    Years ago one of my neighbors wanted one of the Manx cat kittens. She said she loved to pinch the cats’ tails until they hissed and scratched her.

    Heck no, I did not give her the kitten. That was the end of our friendship too. People are weird.

    • That is weird as you say. You don’t have to provoke aggressively. It is easy to get a young cat in the mood for play.

      • That lady was a former nurse whose drug habit was so bad at one time she lost her job, her home, her pets and went on the streets. She was homeless for years. She wasn’t shy about it; she told me. I didn’t ask about her past. One thing she said (aside from the remark about the cats) that really struck me was that “finding food on the streets was easy. Finding drugs was the hard part.” That let me know exactly where her mind was at.

  2. I use other objects besides my fingers to provoke kitty play with Mitzy. There have been a few times that she attacks my feet as I’m walking, and I have no idea what stimulates that behavior, but it’s rare, for which I’m thankful!

    • Gabriel also likes to attack my feet. They attack feet because they are at their eye level and they are moving! That’s my guess 😉 .

      • I think you’re right. My boy Bandit loved to target my feet too. I’d wriggle my big toe at him and he couldn’t resist. I’d let him stay there until it got too much.

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