It’s Grandparents Day today in the UK so here are some nice pictures of cats and grandparents

In the UK, October 6th is Grandparents Day. I believe that in the USA it was Sept 8th this year (National Grandparents Day). In reference to the title, to be honest I don’t know if these elderly people are grandparents but there is a good chance that they are and in any case they are nice pictures which I have carefully selected from Pinterest. I have taken them as being in the public domain for that reason. You can see larger versions by clicking on the photograph. Cats provide a huge amount of comfort to elderly people all over the planet. The amount of well-being that cats companions bring to the elderly is huge. It is a gift which needs to be constantly recognised as we become accustomed to it which normalises it.

There is a lot of tenderness and love in these photos. You can feel the warmth and companionship. It is probably fair to say that the deepest bonds between human and cat are among the elderly because they are together more often and for longer periods of time. In fact for many they are together almost all the time.


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