It’s not Cats the movie that is mad, it’s the journalists writing about it

For the past few weeks or more, every time I searched for ‘cats’ in Bing News a good half of the search results are about Cats the movie and in everyone of those articles the bloody reporters are heavily critical of it.

Cats the movie
Cats the movie. Screenshot.
Two useful tags. Click either to see the articles:- Toxic to cats | Dangers to cats

They love to take the piss out of the movie. They love to jump on the bandwagon to try and bury the movie. It is a feeding frenzy by bored journalists who have nothing better to say.

This movie can’t be that bad. It was carefully crafted and has a fabulous cast. I have seen the trailer. It looks fine to me. The theatrical version was enormously successful so it is highly unlikely that this movie would be unsuccessful but for the mad reporters acting like mad African wild dogs chasing down a lame wildebeest on the dry Serengeti plains.

Their incessant criticisms have hurt the film. It is doing badly and has been pulled from seeking an Oscar nomination or so I have read.

The criticisms started while the film was being made. The mad journos said it looked mad. They could not understand it. Well, they could but they said they couldn’t because that sort of language sells papers.

They are still slanging off the movie. It’s coming thick and fast. The piss taking. The clever words and journalistic gimmicks.

It is cheap stuff. Bad news day efforts by hacks. It is time to leave the film alone and start writing about real cat news: stuff to enhance animal welfare. Information about climate change and how it is killing wild cats. The real world stuff not cheapskate reporting on a film they have already destroyed.


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