It’s OK to bludgeon an injured cat to death

by Michael

Harrisonburg Police Department say that the local bye-laws of their community could include the right to beat to death an injured cat! They say that the use of deadly force on an injured animal is acceptable.

They usually shoot the animal. However, in the instance of a cat that was hit by a car, they say it is probably alright to hit the injured cat with a truncheon many times until dead.

There is an outcry about this and I can see why. This is the full story. What disturbs me is the mentality of this policeman and his colleagues who are defending him.

It seems that the individual policeman who bludgeoned the cat to death did not think about calling a vet to check if the cat could be successfully treated. His actions have a callous, unthinking quality that frankly I see quite a lot in the police force in the UK. There is a lack respect for animals.

The police always close ranks when one of their colleagues has done wrong. This makes them unaccountable.

It chimes with the sheriff who liked to shoot cats.

Yes, police do a difficult job and most are decent people but when a policeman does something wrong the force should admit error and ensure that the perpetrator is punished if punishment is suitable. To close ranks and issue rubbish statements that are transparently evasive does not help the relationship between citizen and police.


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It’s OK to bludgeon an injured cat to death

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Jan 13, 2012
Justice NEW
by: Michael

I am surprised but pleased to report that this police officer has been charged with “a class one misdemeanor count of animal cruelty”.

In the UK this wouldn’t have happened. In the UK the police get away with almost anything and they wonder why respect for the police has dropped over the years.

Dec 23, 2011
Can’t tell you how angry I am!!
by: Leah England

How are people especially children ever to respect animals when so called law enforcement agencies are making no apologies for beating animals to death!!

There would be hell of a lot more of an outcry if this was a dog! In fact PETA might even get involved if it was a dog ;’cos they sure as hell never do anything for cats in America!! And from that, and the reasons why you can draw your own conclusions!!

These ‘police’ and supposed to uphold the law including animal cruelty laws (which don’t appear to be upheld anywhere in America by anyone!)

The police are supposed to lead by example but its no bloody wonder that kids are setting fire to cats in cages and God knows what else and to be honest the country seems to have no ethics where cats are concerned and all I can say is I have no wish to ever visit the place and I’m bloody glad I don’t live there!

I am sickened by everything I hear. Governors of America? You need to pull your bloody socks up and get your animal welfare laws sorted because they are sorely lacking.

Dec 15, 2011
by: leanne

i’m pleased none of you minded me adding a dog story to a cat story site. it was just to highlight how horrified i was by this appalling cruelty. ‘our life in their hands’? what about their lives, they don’t seem to mean anything to some people.

Dec 15, 2011
Yes it’s MURDER
by: Rose

Yes Barbara is right it’s MURDER to kill an animal that way.
Policeman or citizen they should be prosecuted.
I was in tears reading about that poor cat and about poor Penny too.
Leanne it must have traumatised you for life!
There are some really rotten people in this world and we can only hope they get their just deserts some day.

Dec 15, 2011
by: Barbara

This is just awful, what right does anyone, police officer or motorist, to decide that an animal isn’t worth attempting to save. Poor, poor cat, to be beaten to death asap just to finish the job and poor poor Penny, Leanne I well remember that awful time when Penny was so cruelly MURDERED.

I hate the fact that to some people animals are so easily disposable.

Barbara avatar

Dec 15, 2011
No it’s not OK !
by: Ruth

That poor little cat !
It’s terrible the lack of respect and feelings some people have for animals.
Surely even a policeman would be prosecuted by the RSPCA in our country under the Animal Welfare act, if it could be proved of course. I used to think our police and RSPCA worked together on cases but found out recently that they don’t !
Leanne I remember the dreadful time poor little Penny was hit on the head with that wood and how hard you tried to find out who did it. There must have been someone who knew but it was all covered up.
It is upsetting reading about it but like Michael wrote this article, you did right to write here about Penny. Too many people bury their heads in the sand and this allows this cruelty to go on.
We animal lovers have to stand together and try to wipe out the hidden abuse of all animals.
Yes this is a cat site but I think most of us who come here love all other animals too.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Dec 15, 2011
its so wrong
by: leanne

this left my blood running cold. the thought of that poor cat, already injured (how badly?)being beaten to a pulp, how much did he suffer? i speak with some authority on what a terrible way this is for any animal to die. 3 years ago my own cavalier king charles, penny, chased a rabbit out onto the road, she managed to find a gap in the fence. at first i hadn’t realised she’d gone out i thought she was still in the field somewhere, after a couple of minutes i realised she’d gone. we ran outside, kevin went one way i went the other, i saw 2 men on the other side of the road coming out of the farm opposite so i ran towards them to ask if they’d seen her. 1 of the men threw a large piece of wood at something in the grass, i couldn’t see what as they were on the other side and it was very busy with traffic at that time. i ran along and then saw him bend over something in the grass, i knew it was penny without seeing her, then to my horror he picked up the piece of wood again and as i screamed at him to stop he brought it down onto her head. i heard a sickening thud, even over the traffic and i heard her screams, she’d been silent until then, also when he hit her she must have been trying to stand because she flipped up in the in a somersault action. i was screaming at him but still couldn’t get over the road, then as i was opposite him he hit her again, after the first scream she was quiet. then i just ran regardless of traffic, to find her curled up in the grass with a massive head wound. i picked her up, thinking she was dead, the monster just kept saying she’d been hit by a car and he was putting her out of her misery. i couldn’t see for tears and was shaking violently (as i am now remembering it all)i made my way back to the sanctuary and kevin met me near the gate he hadn’t seen any of it as he’d gone the other way looking for her. we took her to our vet, she wasn’t dead, after being examined she was found to have no other injuries, she hadn’t even been hit by a car, she must have just been cowered in the grass being frightened of the traffic. that was the sunday, we had to have her put to sleep on the tuesday the vets had tried everything but her brain was found to be damaged and she couldn’t be saved. the monster who did this has never been traced, if anyone did know him they’ve kept it quiet, he hadn’t belonged to the farm after all, i can only assume he’d gone in there just for the wood to beat my little dog to death. i’m sorry this is a graphic telling of what happened and i’m sorry if it has upset anyone but i just wanted to say that this officer couldn’t have known how badly injured this cat was, it may have looked a lot worse than it was, whatever, he had no right at all to take that animals life in such a barbaric fashion. it is disgusting that the police are supporting him. i know this site is about cats but i still thought penny’s story was relevant, i hope no-one minds.

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  1. About the spaniel. That’s country people for you. They just like killing full stop. Frankly I am scared stiff for my cats since I moved to the country.


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