It’s Vyshyvanka Day! How to say it!

Yep, in Ukraine it is Vyshyvanka Day today May 19th, 2023. So, what is it? Wikipedia kindly tells me: “Vyshyvanka Day is an international holiday that aims to preserve the Ukrainian folk traditions of creating and wearing ethnic embroidered clothes called vyshyvankas. It is celebrated the third Thursday of May. Vyshyvankas are, along with pysankas, one of the best-known symbols of Ukrainian culture”. Thank you.

Okay, great. Great partly because we have a nice cat picture to celebrate this day. And the photo is in contrast to the usual ones we see from Ukraine sadly. It is nice to see a sunny picture and a cat carried by a Ukrainian man in traditional clothes.

How do you say Vyshyvanka? The way it looks like this (this is me so it can’t be hard to say!):

The picture:

It’s Vyshyvanka Day!
It’s Vyshyvanka Day! Photo: Defense of Ukraine on Twitter. Click the image for a really big version on desktop computers.
Two useful tags. Click either to see the articles:- Toxic to cats | Dangers to cats

The cat:

The cat in the photo is a random-bred grey tabby-and-white. He looks male. I think. You can’t be sure. He is wearing traditional dress too. Cute.

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