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I’ve Helped Ferals Since I Was A Child — 1 Comment

  1. I once helped an adult American Exotic male we named Sour Puss go from being afraid of humans to loving them again. It was at my old trailer home. We had two Torties we adopted as kittens + a grey stray we named Sir due to his regal demeanor + three tabby kittens Grandma Joyce insisted we take from under her trailer. We had put out an old hub cap full of food for our outdoor cats and got in the van to go to work. Suddenly Sour Puss dashed to the food and began gulping down mouthfuls without chewing. I also saw the pan of food was covered in ants. I left him to eat the food and got rid of the ants ASAP. I fed him everyday. On our slow days I would watch him eat through the window. Than I moved out onto the back steps. Then I moved the food closer and closer to where I sat. It took seven months before I actually pet him and he bit me. I realized had an injury where I touched, so I tried another area with the same results. I tried five more times before I found a spot by his tail that didn’t hurt him when I touched it. I realized he had been abused. I was in tears as I came to realize what this poor beast had gone through. I pet him and told him how grateful I was he trusted me. He had a meow that sounded like he was a a life long smoker. It cracked me up. I made sure to sit and talk to him everyday I could. He was a great listener and I was grateful for the chance to be air my frustrations. He had become a great comfort in my difficult way-to-young married life. He was a rock.

    Soon my very sick wife was hospitalized for stress and exhaustion. In order to get a better life we took on too many jobs (janitorial and newspaper delivery to homes). We worked seven days a week for several years. Worse yet, when we took on delivering newspapers to the new stands we would work from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday morning almost straight-through. No more that four hours sleep at a time, if any. It pushed us both to our mental and physical limits. It pushed her past her physical limits and I felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulder. All that work and worse yet, she was in there because of me. I had pushed her too hard. I felt like a heel. After I came home from the hospital that first day I sat on the back porch and he came up to me and rubbed himself against my leg for the first time. I had forgotten the food that day. I fed him and after he at his fill he came and sat next to me. I cried as I poured out my problems to him as he lay next to me meowing and purring.

    We moved after my wife got out of the hospital too a more affordable place. I worried about Sour Puss, so I looked for him 2-3 times a day between our now fewer jobs. Finally, after several months I saw him. He was following a little girl into the trailer house behind our old one. He went right in their house! He was her cat now. I was so grateful. He was there for me when I needed him. Just a simple head bump and a leg rub, with an occasional throaty meow. His mere presence made all the difference.

    Thank you Joyce. My mom took in all strays, human, canine or feline. She went without so others could have something to eat. You and she are a gift to the world. Great article! Love the pix too!

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