IvyClan’s Destiny Part 1

IvyClan’s Destiny Part 1

by DappleStar

A small kit blinked in the bright sunlight that filtered through the nursery roof’s cracks. Her mother, Lillystream, smiled as her father beamed proudly from the nursery entrance. “She’s beautiful…” he murmured. The sunlight dappled her fur, making it shine brilliantly. “What will we call her?” Firestorm asked. The kit gave a small yawn and snuggled closer to her brother Flamekit.. “I like… Dapplekit…” Lillystream mewed quietly. Firestorm nodded and turned to leave. “I like that too…” he added, before bounding across the camp to find fresh kill for his mate. “Dapplekit…” Lillystream echoed.

6 moons later….

“Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather hear beneath the High Rock for a clan meeting!” Sandstar’s voice rang throughout ThunderClan’s camp. Slowly, the clan cats made their way to the rock, in which their leader stood proudly. Firestorm looked around the find his kit- who would become an apprentice. Lillystream sat next to him, pressing her fur against his. She purred. “Where’s Dapplekit?” She asked. Firestorm gulped nervously. “I… I… she must be around here somewhere…” he mewed. Lillystream turned to him furiously. “You don’t know where our kit is?!” She demanded. “She was- But- I-…” Firestorm was lost for words. “No… I thought she was beside me. I turned to talk to Sandstar… and she was gone! I thought she had gone to you!” He mewed defensively. “Well go find her!” Lillystream snarled.

Read on..and see all of IvyClan’s Destiny Part 1 — this is the first episode of a series.

By DappleStar

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