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Jackie Kennedy’s Role in Leopard Fur Craze — 3 Comments

  1. 60s and 70s was the golden era of this planet, I can remember my child hood in Belgium, Yes she and her husband was a unique figure all around the world and this is where the WRONG starts when the people who are famous do some harm to any species of animals and then everyone follow them 🙁

    Great informative article, thank you Michael <3

  2. I don’t think that the ladies of the 1960’s even bothered their pretty little heads with how they were able to acquire their fancy coats, handbags, shoes, or watchbands.
    The suffering and slaughter of animals wasn’t displayed in boutiques.

    • I agree, they were all guilty and no matter who they were they had no right to wear animal fur. No the suffering of the animals wasn’t displayed but anyone with even only one brain cell must know real fur comes from real animals. Oh those women knew alright, but they didn’t care!
      I remember when I was young seeing in the news some animal rights people in London were throwing pots of paint over anyone they saw in a fur coat, I so admired them for that!

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