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Jackson Galaxy Considered by Some to be a Crazy Animal Hugger — 15 Comments

  1. The issue I have is with some of the remedies promoted on his show. The company producing the remedies will sell them to you even if you don’t need it – suggesting to me that they are snake oil. I have a correspondent whose cat has a low tolerance of being petted, combined with owners that need to learn when their cat has had enough and let it walk away. When they asked the marketing company about the remedies featured on the show, they were told they need to buy two types for their cat. I tried to persuade them to save their money and to modify their own behaviour because the “remedies” recommended won’t alter their cat’s (normal!) behaviour. JG could do without that sort of salesmanship attached to his name.

    • I agree. The one big downside to Jackson Galaxy is that he is a commercial enterprise and when you combine cat welfare with financial profit you get problems, compromises etc. There are numerous examples.

  2. My late Alexandrine parakeet “Mittoo’ and now my two traditional Persian cats “Matahari” and “Matata” have helped me combat my personal demons as did my previous pets before them.Most people would call me weird on the time and amount of money i devote to my pets, very uncommon in India.Although a “Loner” i do socialize and travel a lot meeting different people and making new acquaintances.But, home is where my pets reside along with their human care-taker and hope i can maintain this life-style.Remember, we have no “Social Security” system in India.
    Here is a photo of all my latest three pets, two cats on the laptop desk screen photo and the parakeet on the keyboard.

    • Most people would call me weird on the time and amount of money i devote to my pets,

      It seems that no matter where we live we face similar prejudices from people who don’t understand. I believe that we are better than them 😉

      Nice comment Rudolph. I think you are possibly more unusual in India than an animal lover in the West. If so, well done! You’re an individual and a free-thinker.

  3. I like JG and I hope he can get through to people who don’t give a rip. I’m not sure how possible that is but it would be nice.

    I have a neighbor who does not like cats. She was my friend since I moved into the building but along the way of being neighbors, I adopted a couple of cats. Now she is still my friend and we do things together, but she doesn’t want to hear about the cats. To her, cats are into themselves and don’t take interest in their human. She likes dogs though; if we go for a walk and we see someone walking a dog, she goes right up to the dog to pet it. Of course cats do not respond like that.

    Anything what my friend thinks is not a problem for me because I don’t need anyone’s approval. Here is where I’m going with this – if JG can get through to people it would be fantastic, but I have my doubts that a stranger can change someone’s mind when a friend can’t. That’s all.

  4. I love the man, but I wish he would change the title of his program to something like, “Help Me Help My Cat”.
    But, what the title is now probably draws more viewers than any other title would.

      • Michael – yes it was, and Jackson was not happy about it. In the end he agreed to it because he saw the sense in it in terms of, sadly, grabbing peoples attention and curiosity. But in the same token he sees exactly what is wrong with needing a title like that.

        • Well, I am pleased that I’m right about that because it is not the sort of title that Jackson Galaxy would have chosen. It is not in fact the sort of title that any person who appreciates and likes cats would have chosen for obvious reasons.

  5. I too can see how some may thing Jackson is a bit radical, but he is breaking down barriers all over the place. One of the best voices for cats we have. Another voice doing good work is Drew Cary. He promised his predecessor on the game show The Price is Right Bob Barker that he would continue to use his closing line “Spay and neuter your pets…” at the close of every show. He has even started attending animal related events at Bob Barker’s invitation and I believe he’s taking to it. His attitude is realistic and refreshing. Can’t wait to see what good he does for pets in America.

  6. I don’t think Jackson Galaxy cares if anyone calls him crazy, he loves cats and isn’t ashamed to admit it and by helping cats with ‘problems’ (which are always cause by the people, not the cat)he is doing a wonderful job.

  7. I think Jackson is a truly wonderful human being!! I agree with his “plan for cats”. If we adjust to perceive things through a cat’s eye,we can then understand that the cat is acting true to himself/herself. That’s one thing people need to keep in mind — cats are brutally honest creatures. I love mine to the moon and back — and more!! <3

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