Jackson Galaxy Will Fix Lux’s Aggressive Behavior June 14th 2014

Do you remember the well-publicised story of the domestic cat who was branded a highly aggressive cat with a history of aggression, who held a family hostage in the bathroom?  The cat’s name is Lux.

There was a lot of talk about this cat and why it all kicked off.  Eliza reported that:

“Many, who commented on the story, have suggested that Jackson Galaxy should use Lux in an upcoming episode of his TV show ‘My Cat From Hell.”

Well, it’s going to happen.  The online press have stated the following:

The episode featuring Lux, titled, “911, My cat’s Holding Me Hostage!” airs at 8 p.m. Saturday, June 14 on Animal Planet.

The reason why am writing this short post is because I don’t know whether we can see this program here in the UK.  I have no idea to be honest.  We may be able to see it sometime in the future on video or something like that but it would be nice if a visitor to this website, perhaps one of the regulars, could watch the programme and then report on it in an article.

There been many theories about why this cat was so aggressive towards his/her human companions (I’ve forgotten whether Lux is male or female).  My personal theory is that there was a background of low-level hostility in the family home which would have stressed this cat and then an incident provoked her into expressing aggression towards her caretakers.

It could have been a child in the family or someone in the family who has, on more than one occasion, mishandled Lux, for example. I don’t know. There may also be a health problem here.

There is no point in speculating because on June 14th we will know what the problem is and how to fix it because I believe we can trust Jackson Galaxy to get to the bottom of it.

If you live in America and intend on watching the Discovery Channel the coming 14th June (2014), I wonder whether you could report on what Jackson Galaxy says?

31 thoughts on “Jackson Galaxy Will Fix Lux’s Aggressive Behavior June 14th 2014”

  1. I wish I could watch Jackson but nevertheless I will look out for updates on PoC as for Jim what does it matter if Jackson is Gay and even if he does enjoy being urinated on I really couldn’t give a damn because he is worth 10 of you and more!

  2. Jimbo is a self loathing closet homosexual – the profile just gets better and better. You couldn’t make up a better character in a book.

    • Jimbo is a self loathing closet homosexual

      Made me laugh…I am outside in the shade on a beautiful day. Doesn’t get better. Thanks for brightening up my day. Jimbo is certainly a mixed-up dude.

    • Let me get this right …. I’m supposed to be a self-loathing closet homosexual because there’s some other man out there who likes to be urinated on and abused by men and he also has made being abused by animals into a career for himself.

      Oh, your logic is just impeccable! LOL

      • No Jimbo – and thx for admitting you really are Jimbo, I say it because of all the things you could focus on you choose to focus on that.

        What’s more is you find it so entertaining that it’s downright weird.

        Why the obsession with golden showers Jimbo?

        Did something happen to you? Did you get peed upon? Did you enjoy it? Or were they mixed feelings?

        • No, I don’t “focus” on it. I mention it because it finally explains his whole life (and yours), you people LOVE to be abused by other living things, you actually get-off on it! Case closed. LOL (And how you imagine that I’m admitting to be that Jim of yours, is only some psychotic flip of your own mind that eludes everyone else.)

          • Actually the fact that you interpret a huge part of the population (cat lickers) as being submissive is one thing but the fact you present to your marvellous theory through the metaphor of being peed on is another. I still think therefore you ARE focusing on it, not ‘just mentioning’ it as you said, but actually getting a huge kick out of it. That got you smiling in the only way you know how, at the expense of others.
            Methinks you are the one getting off on things right now.

            Also – the submissive theory doesn’t go well with you other theory which is that cat lickers like to dominate neighbourhoods by proxy, through their cats. You actually said that. I can’t believe it, but anyway, those same cat lickers like to dominate by proxy and be abused by that proxy at the same time? It’s not impossible. It would be very confusing and perhaps paradoxical and could in the end lead to serious emotional problems. I’m starting to think that You were abused Jimbo, and it made you oh so angry. It’s a shame, otherwise I’d feel sorry for you but since you are such a massive user of the word ‘moron’ I don’t really care how much you might have suffered.

            Find peace in your heart Jimbo, otherwise you will live until your 100 years old, each day a little more angry and a little further from being able to let go. Have you ever noticed how it’s always the angry, mean and unhappy people who get left behind to live out their years all alone and pissed off about everyone and everything around them?

            At least you’ve got your birds.

  3. I hope Jackson Galaxy can help this poor cat, like you Michael I still think it’s the way he’s been treated by a family member. Is he back with them now? I was hoping he had been rehomed.

    • Dan, I know I can watch full episodes of programs on ABC on my computer. But, I’m not sure I can with Animal Planet. If I can, is it possible to send that link to POC so it can be watched?
      Do you know?

  4. Since all of you are so enamored with “Cat Daddy” and the Animal-Planet’s “My Cat From Hell” information, you might like to know just what kind of person that you are revering.

    After “Cat Daddy”‘s appearance on the “Ellen” show late last year, what he does in life finally all made sense.

    It is now clear why someone like him would put up with abusive animals that any sane person (one who is desiring and deserving of respect from other living things) would otherwise have those animals euthanized for their antisocial behavior. As well as those animals being a risk to any family members or visitor, opening up yourself for lawsuit upon lawsuit. Just as anyone puts any antisocial dog to sleep if it can’t be trained to be around humans safely without having to change your own behavior or environment. (Ask the family recently that had to hide themselves and their other pet in their bedroom and then called the police to save themselves from their own cat attacking them.)

    Last year your “Cat Daddy” proudly walked onto the stage of the “Ellen” show with a LARGE yellow handkerchief swinging out of his right-back pocket. A friend told me to look-up what that means in the decades-old “Gay Hanky Code”.

    Your “Cat Daddy” is a man who desires to be the recipient of “Golden Showers” from other men.

    No wonder he tolerates and even WANTS abuse and disrespect from other living things. He actually gets-off on it!

    What a great “hero” you worship.

    Yes, you’re ALL in fine company. LOL

    • Big deal. If he’s gay he’s gay, what’s the problem? Are you gay? Is that why you so vehemently lash out against this man who will never hear a word of it? If he is gay, it doesn’t change my opinion of him one iota. We are OK with all types here… except trolls.

    • So, now you’re a gay basher too, Jim?
      We don’t care what sexual orientation people are.
      Why do you? Do you have a rant about gays too?

    • Woody if you lived in our country you’d be arrested for discrimination against homosexuality. Or for slander if Jackson Galaxy isn’t one!
      Seems to me you know a lot about the subject so Dan is probably right, you are one yourself.
      I think it’s YOU ‘getting off’ (disgusting expression) on your rantings, you are so filled with hatred you are driving yourself insane. Have you nothing else to do but troll PoC?

      • Au contraire mon idiots! The problem isn’t that he’s gay (it was a gay friend who told me to look-up what his hanky flag meant). Don’t any of you even read? The problem is that this is a man who desires to be disrespected by any other lives around him and does all he can to find it and encourage it. Just like all of you do whenever you throw your cat into someone else’s yard and then you wonder why that person is yelling at you. How’s that self-victimization to manipulate everyone around you working out for you so far?


          • I couldn’t follow it either.
            And, I don’t know what his point about Jackson being, supposedly, gay had to do with anything.
            You may be right, Michael. Wet brain (alcohol) syndrome.

              • Yes, this is SO difficult for you to comprehend.

                He’s a man who desires to be…….

                remainder deleted because it was defamatory against Jackson Galaxy. It was blatantly defamatory and I’m not going to be part of defamation proceedings against Jim Stevenson and myself especially when Jackson Galaxy does a hell of a lot of good for the domestic cat and deserves praise for that and not to be slandered in this nasty way.

                Admin – Michael

        • No I certainly don’t read your rubbish, I merely skim it. But I think I’ll stop doing even that because it’s just the same boring old drivel and the same monotonous adjectives you use to describe cat lovers.

          • Thank you very much, Dan, for this information. I will see if I can get it in the UK. That may well be the case. I think this particular program will be very instructive and I am hoping it will tell people who don’t know much about cat behaviour that aggressive cat behaviour is largely about people and their behaviour, meaning the environment that they create for the domestic cat and how they interact with their domestic cat. I want the focus of “bad cat behaviour” to be away from the cat and directed at people.

        • Jimbo what happened to you?

          Something clearly went wrong, maybe when you were a child?

          Possibly you live alone, will never marry because you don’t like women and they can’t stand you, and you probably hate homosexuals because you can’t accept that you are one. You probably think you are just asexual or something but the fact that you have so much to say about the gayness of a person I suspect you are incredibly repressed and probably gay but since you haven’t tried you don’t know. No doubt when you were in the showers as a kid those feelings really took a hold of you and you probably reacted by becoming a nerd or a birder or whatever and just ignored your sexuality completely.

          The fact that you actually think Jackson’s hanky meant something in some code or language you seem to know all about just goes to show how you view the world. Why do you protest so much about the hanky Jimbo? Why the hate? You must really hate yourself that’s one thing for certain.

  5. Unfortunately, we got rid of our cable because we just weren’t watching it enough to warrant the expense. Plus that show is aired on a night that I work. I trust Jackson Galaxy as well to get to the bottom of that issue. I just worry that the idiot owners won’t follow through on his suggestions!


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