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Jaguar attacks woman who wanted a selfie. “Just cleaning the gene pool for ya, folks.” — 6 Comments

  1. I don’t disagree with any of these comments and I’ll just say that common sense is something you show over time I think. Looking over my own behavior, I’ve had no compulsion to aggrandize myself by collecting or posting any selfies or videos me posing or doing anything anywhere, ever. I can’t stand to be looked at, which has made some things difficult, like sharing knowledge. That, in contrast to what many of these people feel compelled to do these days is evident of two extremes and possibly whether you’re a narcissist I think. Nature has a way of dealing with it. If one never learned and can’t stop themself before they suffer some loss, hopefully it becomes a learning experience at long last.

  2. All zoos have rules posted. Things like not reaching through barriers or climbing them or teasing the animals. Regardless of how you feel about zoos this woman leaned through the barrier and stuck her phone in the cat’s face and got a good mauling for it. We can’t idiot proof the world folks.
    Harambe was not killed because the zoo and staff were unsure of what he might do to the child. He was shot because of idiot parents who didn’t supervise their child. Something else often seen on rules when entering a wildlife park, sanctuary or zoo. The only reason this big cat isn’t dead is someone managed to distract him otherwise zoo staff would have shot her dead.
    I’m old enough to remember the old zoos where there was fence and then the cage in small zoos. Oddly there wasn’t an issue with idiots reaching through the bars.
    Some people are just too stupid to live.

  3. She was a fucking idiot for doing this in the first place!! She deserved exactly what she got!! Humans who take selfies make me sick! And seriously the crying and the drama that she does on the video is just too much! Stop your fucking wailing. You did this to yourself. No one feels sorry for you! I say just shoot the bitch in the head and than we have one less asshole in the world!!

    • They are stupid and it’s a modern craze. Is it about self promotion and 15 minutes of fame? Is it about getting social media hits and instant celebrity?

  4. I’m very happy the cat won’t be killed over this. The woman attacked stating there should be better safety standards in place, I agree. Visitors should be monitored for stupidity and not allowed around dangerous animals.

    • All wildlife parks , zoos etc post rules for visitor behavior.
      I might add that what would this woman’s excuse be for jamming her arm into a yard with a dog because she wanted to get a picture of it and was bitten. Are the owners supposed to build a moat around their property ? There was a horrific case many decades ago now where a woman driving through a rural area stopped put her toddler over a fence to take a picture with a horse. The child was either maimed or killed don’t remember. The parent didn’t prevail in court.

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