Jaguar Club Accepts “Motzie” as Jaguar Symbol

by Deborah-Ann Milette
(New York, USA)

The Jaguar symbol in NE

The Jaguar symbol in NE

Last year by complete accident as I was doing my usual walk around the hotel with Motzie on his leash, a photographer and her husband asked me about Motzie. I talked with them for almost an hour. Patty, the photographer was very surprised at how calm Motzie was while he waited patiently on the couch in the lounge area of the hotel we exchanged contact information, hugged and went our ways.

The next day she called me on my cell and asked if Motzie could pose on some collector's Jaguars (the vehicle folks!). I asked her to hold a second and I asked my Regional Director and show manager permission to leave the show with Motzie for this photo op. Someone would take Dorzie to the rings if need be. We were also celebrating our Regional Cat Show where Motzie is the only PNB (at that time his breed was Preliminary New Breed) to ever get an award "Specator's Choice."

This year Motzie was supposed to return for the second season of Jaguar shoots and be paid this time. Instead a week before the show, I called Patty and said Motzie was in protective care and I hope by next year we would be resettled and able to do the 2010 concours of the NE. She asked me to stop by anyway. I did and a CD presentation was played with Motzie on it and the President of the group stood up and asked for the people to vote that Motzie be their official Jaguar mascot for the NE. The vote was unanimous! Tears were falling from my face with joy and sadness. My boy was not able to share this special moment and this year he was going to share the light with Peanut as well.

Motzie being here in NY, he left one heck of a trail of good will for a beautiful, gentle feline in spite of being here for 4 years. Motzie was doing pet therapy, my personal therapy, animal certified by my doctors and vet for being a Vietnam Veteran, reading programs for children, which I have 4 very upset children that don't want to read now. BUT I know education is the key to changing laws.

The prime concern has always been, Motzie's safety and with the help of wonderful, loving, and caring people Motzie was flown to safety. People from all around the world wrote me asking and voicing loving concern both overseas and here in the USA.

Motzie and I have helped to push the breed forward, changed many judges' thoughts about the "big" gentle giants, and he even met with more Senators and Legislators in many states to help them remember when the time comes to vote.

Deborah-Ann Milette

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Jaguar Club Accepts "Motzie" as Jaguar Symbol

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Aug 17, 2009 gentle,sweet and lovable
by: Barb Shaw

A sweeter, gentler cat I have never met. I've been in the cat fancy for over 24 years. Motzie is one of a kind. I hope no one has to suffer the deprivation of their special animal as Debbie has - to wish that on someone is cruel . Please everyone, pay attention when your government is getting weird or strange about animals. I hope Motzie and Debbie get together soon.

Aug 17, 2009 Addendum to Motzie
by: Helmi Flick

I might add here that "NE" to which Deborah refers is the North East region of the United States.

Also, the reason that Motzie and Peanut are no longer in New York is that they were flown to another part of the country to escape a government agency who were using gestapo tactics to get rid of them -- it is now illegal to have low generation hybrids in your home in New York State. When Deborah brought them into her home, it was NOT illegal, but the laws changed after they arrived. She did try to get paperwork signed saying these two cats were "grandfathered" (were living in New York before the law changed), but no bureaucratic agency would stipulate such or take responsibility to create such a paper for her.

Please be advised that if you, Gentle Reader, are not aware of the laws of your land, this could be your story. You must be vigilant, keep up with current events, and be aware of the laws concerning your animals -- or this, too, could happen to you. Now Deborah is looking for a kinder, gentler place to live where she can continue her life with Motzie and Peanut.

Hooray for the Jaguar Club of the Northeast, kudos to all that helped relocate these two cats, and my compliments to Deborah for her bravery and perserverance in the face of extreme odds while dealing with this government agency.

Aug 17, 2009 "Motzie" the Jaguar symbol.
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

A real "Cat Model".Fantastic photograph of a rare breed and one of the best of its type.

Aug 17, 2009 Fantastic Photo
by: Anonymous

Thanks Deborah for your submission and the fantastic photograph. He looks awesome!


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