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Jaguar shot dead at Olympic torch ceremony — 5 Comments

  1. At least it is no longer being paraded around on a freaking chain.
    Big cats.
    Marine mammals.
    None of them should be in captivity for entertainment or allowed to be privately owned. While I support well run biological parks where the emphasis is on animal preservation and education apex predators and some animals we know have a highly developed family structure need to be approached with care.
    The cat was killed for being what it was.

  2. Another beautiful animal is dead because of the power and control freaks of the world. Wild animals are just that-wild. They can get scared and then their instincts take over. This is such a tragedy, one that need never have happened.

  3. I just want to throw up!
    Are there no sane/competent people who have the education/experience to do interventions that don’t require firearms?

    • I looks like the army were involved in this which is full of idiots with firearms. Not a great place for a jaguar to be.

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