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  1. My wife and I went out for out nightly bike ride on the Cedar Knoll golf course. We entered on the 1st hole. When we reached the the 8th hole we spotted a cat that looked rather large to be a house cat. We see house cats on the course all the time. We stopped and started walking up on it. it got scared and ran into the tall reeds. Way bigger that a house cat but too small to be a jaguar. It had a long thick tail and was a reddish color. When we got home and looked it up we found there was only one thing it matched. Jaguarundi. I’m not even telling my friends. They might think I’m nuts.

    • It is quite possible that you did see a jaguarundi. The reports of sightings I read about are usually in Florida. This wild cat species is not meant to be present in America. It is possible that these are escaped cats from private collections. Would you mind telling me what state you are in?

      P.S. I have just read your follow up comment saying you live in Florida. Well, that makes sense and makes it more likely that you have sighted a jaguarundi. Good sighting. Well done.

  2. Saw 2 Jaguarundi on 7.20.2015. Our backyard backs up to a preserve. One was light tan, the other gray. Both had long tails with rings. They were fighting and the tan made a loud mournful sound. The face is different than a domestcated house cat and the legs are short, body long, slender. Tan cat jumped high off ground and landed on grays back. I slammed the door twice…they stopped and separated…the tan saundered back to the preserve. Palm Coast Florida

  3. Two nights ago my son and his dog were outside. The dog took off after a long, black cat. His dog runs like a greyhound (stretched out) and this critter was stretched out the same way and just as long. He said it had short legs, stocky and was black. It escaped in the trees and has left the dog searching high and low. A friend told me about the Jaguarandi. She works for a Florida animal attraction. Would like to know if they are dangerous to us???
    And/or could it be a black panther??? Homosassa, Fl.

    • HI Linda. Thanks for visiting. If this is the jaguarundi, it is not dangerous. It is similar in size to a domestic cat and will simply avoid people. A black panther is a very large wild cat. Bigger than a large dog so you’d know about. Also they are extremely rare (melanistic cougar). The cat was most likely a domestic cat. That may sound odd but it is the most likely possibility.

  4. My daughter and son in law believe they saw a jaguarundi early in the morning outside their cabin in Williams Arizona

    • Hi Laurie. It is seems quite possible because this wild cat species is quite often seen or thought to have been seen in the southern states. Florida being the state where there are more sightings. Thanks for sharing.

  5. My nieghbor is very sure he saw a jaguarandi in the fire lane. We live off of the Savanna’s F.T. Pierce, Florida 34982 He and his wife saw a wild cat on 3/10/14 6:oopm still light out. He reported it to local authorities and they said by the discription he gave that it was a Jaguarandi. What is your responce to that?

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