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James Bowen who has made a half million pounds from his book about Bob the cat has rent paid by the taxpayer — 4 Comments

  1. The two books by James Bowen and Bob are just brilliant, I loved the book about Dewey, Casper the commuting cat is a good read, the ugliest cat in the shelter is also very good, there are loads more. So pleased that James and Bob have made a nice load of dosh, they definitely deserve it. James and Bob, made my day, when they wrote back to me after I commented on their brilliant book.

    Samantha Martin

    • It is a great story about the power of love between human and cat. It must have helped improve the profile of the domestic cat worldwide. It is a bit sad that this problem with benefits has arisen. I hope James can clear it up asap.

  2. Wow! I had never heard of him, but I hope he doesn’t get into trouble because the Peabody Trust isn’t doing their job.

    I do enjoy knowing about people who’ve bettered their lives through caring for cats or dogs. Now, I’m curious to read the book.

    The last cat book I read was about Dewey, the Library Cat, which I really enjoyed. I saw it in a thrift store, and that little face on the cover drew me in like a magnet. There was another book afterwards, but it was more about other special cats. Then there’s Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul. Can anyone recommend others?

    • James Bowen and Bob are big in the UK. Bob is the number celebrity cat in the UK as far as I know. Because he is not an internet celebrity he is not known that well in the USA. That is my guess.

      I have “i am maru”, the story of Maru the famous box-loving cat. There is a nice behind-the-scenes story describing the relationship between the lady who cares for Maru and Maru himself.

      I also have a book on Sir Partrick Moore who died recently. He was a well-known figure in the UK (an astronomer) and he loved cats. He said “cats really are nicer than people”.

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