Jane Clancy died in fire at her All Breeds Rescue and Adoption facility trying to save rescue animals

It is reported within the last 16 hours on Facebook that Jane Clancy died in a fire at her All Breeds Rescue and Adoption facility, early Tuesday morning, trying to save as many of the rescue animals in her care as possible. There is distress amongst the animal rescue community today. Jane Clancy must have taken a great risk and died in the process. A sign of an enormous amount of dedication to the rescue animals in her care. Jane opened the shelter in 2009 in honor of her husband.

At 2am the fire had engulfed the roof of the building. We are told that 47 dogs and one cat were saved. Some of them have medical needs. The saved animals at her rescue are being distributed to various other rescues as I understand it. We don’t have a list yet. Many people and organisations are involved.

About 20 dogs died in the fire. An undetermined number of cats have died. Sorrells Funeral Home is accepting donations for her funeral expenses. Many of the comments on Facebook describe Jane Clancy as a lady and a fine women.

William Powell director of Daleville Department of Public Safety:

“Jane was a pillar in our community,” Powell said. “She loved animals and she loved making a difference in the life of an animal.”

“Such an amazing woman” – Denise Kelly

“I am writing as a fellow cat rescuer from Maryland, as well as a friend of one of the many Daleville people who have benefited from Jane Clancy’s compassionate and caring heart. When my friend fell ill with a life threatening condition that hospitalized her long term and inevitably forced her to have to give up her own animal rescue, Jane Clancy immediately and without hesitation welcomed the cats into her own rescue with open arms; caring for them, loving them, and finding their forever homes. She was a blessing and a Godsend and her positive outlook rescued my friend during such a dark time in her life. Their continued friendship was a bright light in my friend’s life and their shared love of cats and animal rescue bonded them deeply. Whenever my friend delivered meals or supplies, Mrs. Clancy always thanked her profusely and went out of her way to let her know how much this support was appreciated. As a fellow rescuer, I am certain those acts of support warmed her heart and helped to offset the heavy burden that comes with this monumental task. Animal rescue is truly rewarding, but the responsibilities and demands are many. Jane Clancy was doing God’s work and her passion was limitless. Her courage is almost unimaginable to many – but those who knew her were not surprised to learn that she ran into a fully engulfed burning home to save her beloved cats and dogs. They were her heart and soul, and she was devout in her calling to care for them. I was to meet Jane in just a few weeks, during an upcoming visit, but through my friend, feel I have been privy to this brilliant light, this brave woman, this blessed soul among us, whose devotion and love for animal rescue inspires us all to be better human beings and to better tend the precious lives of animals everywhere. Her legacy will surely live on, and I pray that our hands will be strong and united in carrying on her work.” – Stephanie Lee of Robert’s Rescue

All Breeds Rescue and Adoption is a private rescue based out of Daleville, AL dedicated to rescuing all breeds of dogs and cats. Operating under a pending 501- C3.

The video below was made, I believe, by Jane Clancy, and I believe it is her voice (turn on the video sound – bottom right):

Sources: Facebook and dothaneagle.com.

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4 thoughts on “Jane Clancy died in fire at her All Breeds Rescue and Adoption facility trying to save rescue animals”

  1. The video was made by me I was her main volunteer
    I was also there pulling animals right beside her. Still have flash backs. We have opened a new rescue in her name. To carry on .

    • Thanks a lot for commenting Anita. I am very sorry to hear of your loss. You were both very brave. If you’d like to write more about it please do so in a comment and I’ll make it an article. Thanks again.

  2. This is just heart-rending. What a brave woman, and what a loss to the rescue community. As the lady above said, she was doing God’s work. She died with the companions she loved so much. I pray this tragedy spurs more people to follow in her footsteps, with love and dedication.


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