Japanese Bobtail Quick Guide

Popularity 28th out of 65 Japanese Bobtail cat
Photo: ©Helmi Flick
Place of origin Japan
Date of origin 1,000 to 2,000 years ago from 2010.
Ancestry household cat, feral cat
Weight 2.5-4.3 kg (6-9.48 lb)
Temperament Alert, active and high energy
Body type Foreign
Registration CFA, TICA, FiFé
Colours & Types (CFA) Self (solid) – white, black, red, blue, cream, solid & white, tricolor (mi-ke) – wide range inc. smoke, bicolor, tabby & white, tortoiseshell, tortoiseshell & white, smoke, tabby colours (all patterns)
Outcross breeds None
Note One of the longest histories for a domestic cat mark this cat out together with its most memorable appearance
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