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Japanese shopowner replaces ceiling tiles with transparent ones for their cats

Japanese shop owner replaces ceiling tiles with transparent ones for their cats. Photo: Twitter feed.

This is a cool solution for a cat guardian and shopowner who wants to allow their cats to enjoy some vertical space when in their shop/store! I don’t know whether this shopowner is a man or woman but what they did was pretty clever and it has caught the imagination of a lot of people on the Internet. As you can see in the photographs they replaced some of the polystyrene ceiling tiles with transparent Perspex (I presume that it is Perspex) to allow their two cats to look down on the shop from a high position. We know that domestic cat like vertical spaces and looking down on their surroundings because they feel safer when they do this. It also stimulates them and keeps them mentally active. In all, a neat solution provided the electrics in the ceiling space are protected!

I’m not sure whether anybody has thought about this but the ceiling spaces between the false ceiling and the actual ceiling contain a lot of wiring to supply electricity for strip lighting. There is potential danger there but I’ll presume that they protected the cats from this danger.

The Google translation of the Japanese text is:

  • When a friend modified the ceiling of the store for a cat, it was monitored. – translation.
  • Tomodachi ga o-ten no tenjō o neko-yō ni kaizō shitara kanshi sa reru yō ni natte shimatta. – Western characters
  • 友達がお店の天井を猫用に改造したら監視されるようになってしまった – original Japanese text.

Japanese shop owner replaces ceiling tiles with transparent ones for their cats. Photo: Twitter feed.

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