Jasper The Napping Cat

by Elisa Black-Taylor

Jasper doing what he does best

Jasper doing what he does best

Jasper doing what he does best

I was inspired to write about Jasper the napping cat after reading Ruth's stories on her cat Jozef. There are times I really wish I were a cat. Especially one named Jasper.

Jasper came out of our first rescue back in November of 2010. We kept all three kittens from that rescue. MandyLane is a long haired tortie and Sammy is a medium haired dark gray tabby. Jasper, however, is the only one known for his napping style.

So much so that I decided to photograph him over time. This cat doesn't care where he sleeps, with whom he sleeps with, or who may walk over him in the midst of a nap. He doesn't even seen to mind Pippa trying to nurse on him when she was a baby rescue.

Jasper's best friend is Cocoa, who is declawed and toothless. Dreyfuss is obviously his dog buddy. They've slept together since the week Jasper arrived. Perhaps because it was then winter and Dreyfuss is a giant heating pad.

We were preparing our floor to put down tiles when Jasper tired of "supervising" and propped himself up against a mattress. As you can see, he's an expert sleeper, even sitting up!

He sleeps more deeply than our other cats. Except perhaps our deaf kitty Annabelle. The other cats can chase each other, walk over Jasper and do many other things that should awaken him. He ignores them all.

He's been known to fall asleep on the bed, the floor, the fridge, washer, dryer, VCR and microwave. He's never rolled off of any of them, unlike SOME cats. (Yes, Furby, I'm referring to you dear).

Jasper the napping cat is a permanent member of our home. Laura fell in love with him the moment she saw him at the shelter. He's also one of the only rescues that came to us healthy. Mandy and Sammy were very sick with URI's for the first few weeks.

When he's not terrorizing the household, Jasper's favorite sleeping spot in on the bed next to Laura.

I hope you enjoy the photos. As you can see, Jasper worked really hard posing for them.

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Jasper The Napping Cat

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May 23, 2012
by: Ruth

Yes Jasper is another Jozef lol as like him he gets into so many relaxing time positions.
Jozef is such a poser, he loves his photo taken, we think he's asleep but he's got an eye on us! Walter is just the opposite, he will pose until he sees the camera, then he runs away.
I love the pics of your cats and dog relaxing together Elisa, it's very rare we can catch our boyz together like that.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 22, 2012
some posts about you there
by: Anonymous


May 22, 2012
by: Michael

I love to see a cat who is a good sleeper totally zonked out. It must be a good quality and it must be household where he feels completely at ease. So, I had a little chuckle. I also have a tender spot for the charm of the domestic cat and his sleeping habits.

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