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      • You’re welcome, the Cat genetics have been fascinating. So many recessive genes to produce these unusual kittens – still don’t know if there were 2 or 3 father’s, as there was a tabby in the litter & the mom is calico.
        Here is Mom

  1. I got a long-hair flamepoint from the shelter back in March. We went looking for a white cat but when we saw her and all her dancing in her cage trying to get our attention, we had to take her. Now that I’ve been checking out her breed, I can’t believe a cat as rare as she is would have ended up in the shelter and was there for two weeks with no applications until we showed up. They estimate she was six months old at the time. She is a great cat, very vocal and a real sweetheart.

    • Thanks Melanie for sharing you experience. There are some purebred cats at shelters and it always surprises me. Some people just don’t care. Quite a rare cat.

  2. We just got a Javanese seal point, light coffee color with feet, face, ears, tail all dark. His name is Mickey. He plays well and lLOVRS our JRT, Annie. We also have a Tonkanese blue point, tortoise shell Norwegian Forrest cat, a Manx cat, a Maine Coon cat. They all play well together. Mickey is definitely a “Momma’s boy” though. He is very attached to my wife.

    • No one who has commented has so many purebred cats. You have an exceptional household. I’d love you to get a picture but I not sure whether you’d want to do that. Five cat breeds in one photo would be special. I’d seriously like you to think about that. I’d then build a page around the photo. You can upload photos to a comment. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

  3. I have a Flame Point Javanese that looks identical to Blush. He is Dobby. Retrieves like a dog. He is very bright and has a wonderful, playful personality — and is needy. I wish I could find another Javanese (female) for our household.

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