Javanese Cat

Javanese cat
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Note: I am using terms from the US standpoint. In Europe the term “Javanese” means something different, a solid-colored Oriental Longhair.


If the Balinese is a “Modern” Siamese with long fur, the Javanese is a Balinese with “unconventional” (non-traditional) points. Confused?  It is also described as an Oriental Longhair with points. There is a good deal of overlap between the Oriental Shorthair and longhair, Siamese and Balinese cats. The CFA refer to the Javanese as a separate breed and point to the Balinese for the breed standard of this cat; confirming that this is in effect a long haired Siamese cat with non-traditional pointing. The CFA now refer to the ‘Balinese-Javanese Breed Profile’. They are almost the same cat but for coat color.

This cat has a much wider variety of points going well beyond the normally accepted. The “conventional points” (4 – color) are Seal, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac. You can see these point colors on the Traditional Siamese page.

Javanese Cat

The greater spectrum of point types of the Javanese (colorpoint colors) are lynx points (tabby), tortoiseshell points, cream points and flame points (see Blush, below). The Lynx points are the conventional colors mentioned above modified by the tabby pattern (Agouti and Tabby genes). Click here on the link to see a Lynx point Siamese.

The rather fine difference between the Balinese and Javanese has led to problems of registration. Some associations think that the Balinese and Javanese are the same cat or simply merge the two breeds and call the breed Balinese. TICA does this.

Other more conservative associations such as the CFA, separate the Javanese Cat from the Balinese.

For me, taking a commonsense view, it makes sense to merge the breeds. From a commercial or cat breeding/showing standpoint it may make sense to have the “extra” cat breed. The wider the selection of breeds the wider the market.

Javanese cat
Photo of 4Ever © Helmi Flick


Pre-1978A group of cat breeders breeding “new-color” Balinese.
1979CFA agree to register this cat as a new breed
1979Name “Javanese” created
for this cat breed
1987?Javanese formally recognized by the CFA

Javanese cat

Appearance and Character

They have what the Cat Fancy calls the “Oriental” look. Rangy, with long slightly pointed heads, a finely balanced look, athletic with long limbs. See Cat Body Types.

Javanese Cat

Being related to the Siamese, they are talkative, people orientated and therefore like company. The Siamese is an intelligent cat and therefore so is the Javanese Cat. As a result they need stimulation and are probably unsuited for households in which people are away a lot.

The coat, as I think you can see in Helmi’s photographs, is soft and silky (look at the gorgeously silky coat of Blush above in the large photograph) and long (or longer than the Siamese). It does not need a lot of maintenance if you are not showing your cat as it is mat resistant. This is because the hair is not dense as is the case for the Persian for example. The fur is not as long either.

This cat is ideally meant to be lithe and elegant. The Javanese, it is said, have fast metabolisms. This may make them a little more prone to eating too much. I’ve heard Sphynx cats eat a lot and they are somewhat similar in conformation. Perhaps the skinny cats burn more calories and need more food.

Javanese cat

The non-traditional points are:

  • cream
  • lynx
    • seal
    • blue
    • chocolate
    • lilac
  • tortoiseshell
  • flame

See Javanese cat on the Blogger site for info on genetics.


The only cattery website listed by Google in the first 3 pages is this site:

Located Southern Ohio, USA.

Breed standard – CFA Standard (opens in a new window) – this is the Balinese breed standard as well.


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11 thoughts on “Javanese Cat”

      1. You’re welcome, the Cat genetics have been fascinating. So many recessive genes to produce these unusual kittens – still don’t know if there were 2 or 3 father’s, as there was a tabby in the litter & the mom is calico.
        Here is Mom

  1. I got a long-hair flamepoint from the shelter back in March. We went looking for a white cat but when we saw her and all her dancing in her cage trying to get our attention, we had to take her. Now that I’ve been checking out her breed, I can’t believe a cat as rare as she is would have ended up in the shelter and was there for two weeks with no applications until we showed up. They estimate she was six months old at the time. She is a great cat, very vocal and a real sweetheart.

    1. Thanks Melanie for sharing you experience. There are some purebred cats at shelters and it always surprises me. Some people just don’t care. Quite a rare cat.

  2. We just got a Javanese seal point, light coffee color with feet, face, ears, tail all dark. His name is Mickey. He plays well and lLOVRS our JRT, Annie. We also have a Tonkanese blue point, tortoise shell Norwegian Forrest cat, a Manx cat, a Maine Coon cat. They all play well together. Mickey is definitely a “Momma’s boy” though. He is very attached to my wife.

    1. No one who has commented has so many purebred cats. You have an exceptional household. I’d love you to get a picture but I not sure whether you’d want to do that. Five cat breeds in one photo would be special. I’d seriously like you to think about that. I’d then build a page around the photo. You can upload photos to a comment. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

  3. I have a Flame Point Javanese that looks identical to Blush. He is Dobby. Retrieves like a dog. He is very bright and has a wonderful, playful personality — and is needy. I wish I could find another Javanese (female) for our household.

    1. I also have a Javanese. He is a long hair blue point. His hair is longer than others I have seen He is very sweet an playful and my other four Siamese cats all love him. They cuddle up with him and groom him. His coat is super silky soft.

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