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Jealous Cat Fancier Turns Motzie In As Vicious — 4 Comments

  1. We live in upstate NY. And own a savannah.I researched the laws of NY. On this and u can own one as long as it is registered with the TICA. AND IT’S A F6 OR MORE..NOW HERE’S THE KICKER..A breeder might say the cat is say a F3 but the TICA.more then likely will classify the cat more towards a F5 or F6.MY vet loves the cat and I did everything by the “book”.As long as the association says that savannah is a f6 and is registered with them and it has all the required shots that the state requires the cat is legal.

  2. I love ALL cats. Savannahs hold a special place in my heart because of my dear Nichael, a Moggie?, who I somehow lost after the move from the East Campus bungalow here in Lincoln, Nebraska. He was a silver/grey tabby with long ears, an inquisitive, mischievous, highly intelligent personality, and a spotted belly. He was my spotted-bellied “sphinx.” Like Marc and his beloved Red, we never tired of playing together, inside and out.

    Marc, if you read this, when you get off work today, I hope that you will allow me to comment to you on my orange tabby, Shrimp? I think that I understand the close bond that you two had with each other. 🙂

    I forgot why I was writing this.? Oh! Michael (PoC fearless leader), would you please update us on Ms. Deborah Milette and Moxie? TIA, Cal

  3. What a horrible ordeal you’ve been through! Why anyone would deliberately try to get such a beautiful, sweet and innocent animal put down is beyond me. I believe I’d have to sue the neighbbor for making a false police report and endangering the life of an animal. That person would have to show absolute proof of an attack by Moxie. It wouldn’t be enough to show cat related injuries because they could have gotten them from any cat. Obviously they would have no proof that would stand up in court since no attack happened. I feel so bad for you and I’m really pulling for Moxie. Please do whatever is necessary to protect him. Contact PETA, also.

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