Jealous kitty has disappeared – advice please

Jealous kitty has disappeared – advice please

by Jessie Poe

Okay. A few weeks ago,I got some new kittens, and my 2 1/2 year old cat (she means the world to me!!) hated those kittens because she was being stingy with our bond and I started petting them, and the next day.

She’s gone. I called her and she didn’t even come to eat!

She’s been gone for a while now. This isn’t her 1st time away. She’s an outside cat and she loves to explore. She was born a wild cat.

Someone please explain to me what might be going on? – Thanks (: -Jessie Poe,Alabama (U.S.)

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Jealous kitty has disappeared – advice please

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Oct 27, 2011
Poor sad little cat
by: Ruth

Of course your cat is jealous, cats are very territorial and your cat believed her home and you belonged to her exclusively.
Try to imagine how you would feel if 2 young people moved in to your home without warning and you had to share it with them and see others making a fuss of them. As nice as those people might be, they would still be intruders!
You have to be very careful bringing new kittens into a home with one resident cat, it takes cats a while to adjust and you need to start out by keeping them in seperate rooms and swapping them over a few times so they can learn each others scents before they meet.
If your cat comes back you need to begin again, doing that and also making a huge fuss of her. Never make a fuss of the kittens in front of her.
That made her feel rejected in their favour.
Make sure she has her own private space, her own bed, scratching post, food and water bowls etc, don’t expect her to share. Shut the kittens away in another room amd spend time with her, talk to her and reassure her you still love her and it’s as much her home as theirs.
She is young enough to accept the kittens eventually but you must be patient and give her time.
I hope she comes home and you can make her feel happy and secure again as she must be feeling very lost and sad right now. Please keep on looking for her, she is probably not far away.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Oct 27, 2011
pay her more attention
by: Elisa

When your kitty comes home pay her a lot more attention than you do the kittens. They have each other and won’t even notice. Your older cat has only you and feels neglected. She’ll get used to the kittens but it may take a few months.

Oct 27, 2011
by: Michael

Hi Jessie, I am not sure about the concept of jealousy in domestic cats. It might look like it but it might be simpler than that.

It may for example be more about territory and being unable to adapt to the invasion upon her territory of new cats.

I don’t know. I am guessing. But that seems to me to be a more logical explanation.

As she is an outdoor cat she may be more sensitive to space requirements and she may not come back. I am not sure.

Some cats just go walkabout and find new homes especially if that is they way they started in life.

I hope you will find the time to update us with a comment and I hope she does come back soon. I would have thought that there is a good chance that she will come back.

Thanks for sharing.

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