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  1. Everyone should be brave and watch the Paw Project film, yes it’s heart breaking in parts for those of us who love all cats. But think of the heart break of the vets like Jennifer, repairing as best they can the paws of cats their colleagues have mutilated, knowing those cats were crippled deliberately and that they can never have their toe ends put back on.
    It has some beautiful and uplifting parts too and it’s nice to ‘meet in the flesh’ those wonderful people who are not only working hard to help as many cats as possible, but to educate as many people as possible and to ultimately stop all vets declawing.
    We must watch and promote that film no matter how hard we find it!

  2. At Save Our Paws, we LOVE Dr. Conrad and all the vets who are anti-declawing vets. We love the care Dr. Conrad and others give to these crippled cat, both large and small. There is no way to properly say “Thank you for caring!” and convey just how much it is truly meant. As the SOP Admin, I would like to share articles like these with others. Thank you again for posting this article and helping prevent declawing!

  3. Thank you Michael for writing this article! It is past time for it to extend all over the country. West Hollywood has fewer residents, then, than where I currently live. If Dr. Serena, doctor who xrayed Mollie and euthanized Maggie last week, wasn’t a month out from delivering her own little bundle she might consider saying no to declawing. I asked if she made a lot of money and she said between her and Dr. Nick they did maybe half a dozen declaws in the last one year. They are the only clinic that educates prior to any surgery. I will continue to work on getting her to say no to declaw.

    Some how we all have to get the law makers to agree this is doing much more harm than good and make it illegal.

    • I admire you for trying to convince your vet to stop declawing. Mind you, she should not require convincing because it is obviously against the oath and cat health and welfare. At least they educate prior to surgery.

      • So true Michael!! Not that she doesn’t know what the implications are, more just helping her say it’s ok to say no. I’m being gentle and told her of the city and states that have banned it. I told her it would be great if she were the first vet to stand up in the state against it. Dee, what is PTS?

          • Ok. My brain isn’t fully functional yet. Yes she was PTS one week ago. I had her declawed 11 years ago and recently began learning of declawing painful =facts. She also has IBD which I could not get back under control. She was a sick and hurting girl and I just couldn’t justify leaving her in pain so I was h u mane and let her run over the rainbow bridge.

  4. Yes this story is both sad and uplifting, I have commented on the DoDo page and hope many more people will too, because as Jennifer says:
    ‘Please comment so that they continue to promote the Paw Project. Thanks’
    It’s very easy to comment using your facebook log in.
    My comment:
    We in England where our vets never declawed even before it was made illegal, are huge admirers of Dr Jennifer Conrad and all the other Paw Project vets. I personally didn’t know until 6 years ago that the declawing of cats large and small was common in the USA, in fact almost routine for domestic kittens at the time of neutering. Even the people here who don’t particularly like cats are shocked and horrified to hear that this mutilation of them happens, it’s just unthinkable to us! Also incredible to us that the very people who train to help animals would break their oath to cause no animal to suffer. Declawing causes suffering! I co-founded The International Coalition Against Declawing along with my sister Barbara Bates and we have almost 500 members now who are educating as to the cruelty of declawing and will go on doing so until it is banned! I have watched the Paw Project film, it touched me deeply and I urge anyone who thinks declawing is acceptable, to watch it and learn the truth! One day Dr Conrad and her colleagues will stop this cruelty but meanwhile every day more cats are doomed to suffer from declawing by the vets who continue to mutilate cats paws. The Paw Project vets can ease the suffering of the cats they can help by repairing their paws, although they can never put the toe ends of those cats back onto their paws, they are gone forever in the trash and many more cats are living/will be doomed to live, a life of physical and/or mental pain until declawing is stopped! England will celebrate that day along with The Paw Project vets and volunteers.

    • Great comment Ruth. I commented too. I am such an admirer of Jennifer. She is a real hero of mine. It is so hard to battle against the establishment and colleagues.

      She is surrounded by vets – her colleagues – who declaw cats for profit.

      • Yes she went out on a limb and now more vets are starting up Paw Project branches and some vets are stopping declawing, surely one day in the not too distant future it will be consigned to the history books where it belongs.
        At one time it felt quite hopeless but now I think I might still be around to see the end of it, I hope so.

    • I haven’t seen the Paw Project and am scared to, but I already know the practice is barbaric and will certainly tell anyone who agrees with declawing to watch it!
      I got in a heated discussion a few Thanksgivings ago with family about my opposition to declawing, even before I knew the truth about the amputation!
      I really hope this ends up in the history books and very very soon!!!!

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